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Friday, April 8, 2011

They Have Not Thought Through The Conspiracy Theory

I can't say I really blame them for trying.  Hey, if a Democratic clerk found 7500 votes for Kloppenburg, we'd be screaming bloody murder.

But here, the findings of the Waukesha County Republican election official on April 7 were verified by a Democratic election official, so the conspiracy theory gets off to a bad start.  The votes came from the City of Brookfield, which had not been included in the county totals initially.

Putting aside the bad start, the theory being circulated at DailyKos and elsewhere is that Republicans came up with just enough votes to make the election spread greater than 0.5%, which means Kloppenburg would have to pay for a recount.  From Kos:
It is NOT a coincidence that Prosser didn't get +300 votes or +1000, it had to be +7500 or more in order for the fraud to work. +7400 just wouldn't have been enough.
There's an additional problem with this conspiracy theory:  The vote canvassing is not done.  Milwaukee (ugh) is still canvassing, as are numerous other jurisdictions.  The spread could change.

So if Republicans were targeting the precise number needed to make a recount more expensive for Kloppenburg (as if the unions would not kick in the money), the plan unfolded way too early.

Oh, and one other thing.  The City of Brookfield announced its results, and the results were reported at AOL, on April 6, the day before county officials discovered that the county had not included Brookfield in the county totals.

The Kos kids are going to have to do better.

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  1. We’d be screaming bloody murder if 7500 votes were suddenly found for Kloppenburg because unions and Democrats have a history and reputation of voter fraud. Out side doesn’t have that history and it would be an anomaly if anyone on our side cheated. We really are the good guys and they really are the bad guys.

  2. Those political retards can't do better. That's the best they got.

  3. This is a textbook example of people trying to fit the facts -- whatever they happen to be -- into an already-formulated conclusion, rather than let the facts themselves determine the conclusion. I'm sure they are working feverishly right now to explain how the election official's Dem party affiliation actually PROVES this was all a nefarious GOP plot.

  4. Has anyone from the DNC looked in Al Franken's trunk yet? I'm sure there are a few more votes hidden under the spare tire. It doesn't matter which state or what election, for all these folks want are votes that have the "D" checked off in order to continue their ongoing, yet misguided, celebration of the demise of the GOP.

  5. Ya'll are expecting way too much from the Kos Kidz. On that very thread a Kossack wrote that they were winning just by losing, that the Kloppenburg defeat would help the recall effort because (and I quote) "The judge election is already a win and the reps are sweating like Custer at the Alamo."

    It got 19 likes. Remember,it's not over till they say it's over! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  6. If there is one thing I would really, really like to see happen, it is making the whole election process as fraud-free as possible. This means positive ID at the polling place, limits on who can register voters and a cast iron counting and colation system. Is this really too much to ask in this day and age?

  7. I'd be satisfied with 1 vote!!

  8. @Quilly: Ignoring the "logic" that a loss is really a "win", I would like to point out that it was the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbor.

    Just sayin'...

  9. Dear Swibbie

    Go watch Animal House and then send Quilly an apology.

  10. Over at Kos they're saying Kathy lied when she said Access failed to save, because Access doesn't ask you to save. Then they hem and haw and say, well, yes, with macros, you could manually add that feature, but does she really look smart enough or security-minded enough for that?

    But they're neglecting Kathy's claim that the Excel and Access files came to her from Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board. They're maligning her over the GAB's choice of technology, and implying without any knowledge that the features (which they admit could exist) don't in fact exist.

  11. @Ted: didn't know we were dealing with pop culture dribble. With the state of today's education system, you never know what's being taught. So take your snark and feed it to your dog. I am totally not interested.

  12. I thought Pearl Harbor was a night club singer and she was torpedoed by the germans. Am I mistaken regarding this event?

    The Charge of the Light Brigade was accomplished by a very, very long extension cord.

  13. "Hey, if a Democratic clerk found 7500 votes for Kloppenburg, we'd be screaming bloody murder."

    No. I wouldn't. Not if it was determined an entire city was counted but not reported ... as what happened here.

    I wouldn't be happy about it, but if the situation were reversed, I'd simply shrug my shoulders and wonder why they couldn't have a more competent clerk.

  14. @Swibbie: It is not about you. Unpleasant has its place. Not here. Thank you.

    I do understand the low opinion of the education system. Makes you wonder how the koskids were able to handle such a large number (over 23, fingers and toes) without curling up in a corner.


    Support Nickolaus - who is now the target of vile leftist tactics since the press conference.

  16. Just in case the KOS KIDS want to see the score:


  17. @Swibbie - not trying to get into Quilly's mind, but I think the point was that at Kos, the statement "sweating like Custer at the Alamo" got 19 likes indicated the Kos kidz were ignorant of history, much like Belushi in Animal House saying "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
    I hope I don't have to explain why "Custer at the Alamo" was incorrect.

  18. Lets not forget, that in the 2010 election, there was 21,000 votes. This time it was 14,300, so it was 67% of the Fall election totals, well below the 90% for Dane County.

  19. Doug is exactly right. Ted was right to point out Swibbie's error. And Swibbie needs to lighten up. Or should I say, "Lighten up, Francis." Swibbie, it's a big wide world out there and if you're uninterested in it maybe you should go find a spot with other uninteresting people. You didn't realize it was a movie reference. It happens. Now you know. Graciousness would have served you better.

  20. Professor, how about some celebratory music? Heavy metal preferably. You pick.

  21. @kcom: Hey guys (and gals), I really am on your side. But you're right...I do need to lighten up. And I really didn't mean to hijack the discussion. I sincerely apologize. My original intent was to try to make a joke out of the "German" thing. I never was very good at that.

    Oh, and Doug, are you saying that Custer was not at the Alamo? I'm shattered...

  22. @Swibbie - I think he fought with Col. Jackson down the mighty Mississip. Or something. If I had a nickel for every time a joke of mine failed...
    Have a good weekend.

  23. Democrats cannot fathom a close election without the GOP committing election fraud--pure projection, since Democrats provably are deeply involved in election and voter registration fraud (which enables election fraud). So their anger isn't that the GOP "cheated", it is that the GOP "cheated" better than the Democrats.