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Saturday, April 30, 2011

In China you are not allowed to videotape the leadership without permission

Well, he keeps saying we need to emulate China.

This video has caused a stir:

The controversy was not the protest, but that the White House communications team threatened to suspended the reporter who took the videotape, because multimedia coverage of Obama's fundraiser was not permitted. The White House now denies the threat, but the San Francisco Chronicle calls the White House statement a "pants on fire" lie.

I wonder why he doesn't like secret taping of fundraisers?

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  1. Is there now anyone left who doubts that something has gone horribly wrong with America? The moment is coming where we will all have to stand our ground as American citizens and force the government to prove that we are still free. We need our own Tiananmen Square moment in America.

    We need that ten million man march on Washington. We'll meet on the mall, sing patriotic songs at the top of our lungs for a couple of hours and if we are not mowed down, we will leave the place cleaner than we found it... like we always do.

    I wonder what it sounds like to hear our favorite patriotic songs sung by ten million people in one place? It would be a moment for the ages. It may be our the very thing that saves us. Or the last thing we do as free citizens that will be remembered with nostalgia for eternity. We are fast running out of opportunities to save ourselves.

  2. The Chron apparently still has some shred of integrity left, unlike the LA Times, which is still sitting on the "inconvenient tape" of Obama speaking at that dinner honoring former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi.

  3. "I spent $76,000 on tickets, and all I got was this banned video......."

    Sounds like a great Tshirt slogan to me.

  4. Looks like somebody is bitterly clinging to the fawning press coverage he has come to expect ... and now demands.

    Thomas Friedman would call it a no-brainer trade off for the wonders of high-speed rail and other glories. Who cares about liberty when you can elicit Pavlovian teeny-bopper admiration from foreign journalists?

    I expect to read in the news one day in the future a controversy swirling in China about birthers demanding to see Chairman Friedman's birth certificate.

  5. It is absolutely AWESOME to see the SF Chronicle STAND! ...For Freedom of The Press, ...against lies. At last! This Emperor has NO CLOTHES. The press has been mistreated from day one by this administration, and they have groused quietly. This is TOO OUTRAGEOUS TO IGNORE.

    This White House LOVES Wikileaks, but HATES a reporter's actual reporting. Control the message, control the debate, control the media, control the spin.

    NOW - while I half expect the Chron to dial this back, retreating in fear having overstepped their bounds, I HOPE they continue to not only stand their ground, but go further - report on the lies that are far more egregious than merely slighting a reporter. Get mad about the more serious and much deeper issues. Please. Not that the freedom of The Press issue isn't important, it's just that the larger pattern here must be reported as well.

    And, btw - in recent days, event he LA Times has taken a more critical view of this President... Fresh from birth certificate reveal, Obama heads for Oprah and The increasingly odd political optics of Barack Obama

    It's about time - and those of us with our post-Watergate mentality, believe(d) in the press as a guardian of truth, depend on the media doing the right thing. Go SF Chronicle. Clap your hands if you believe!

  6. A Reagan or a Bush, or especially a Dole, would've had a great comeback line to put the singers in their place.

    Obama's response falls flat. His communication skills are vastly overrated.

    I remember when Dole was on the campaign trail late in 1996 and he took a terrible fall off the stage in some town (can't remember the name of the town ... let's call it Parktown).

    The newspapers had a picture of him sprawled on the ground and intended for the readers to take it as a metaphor for his campaign against Clinton.

    What they failed to report (if you saw the tape) was that a WWII vet who had just taken a nasty fall, unable to break the fall because of his paralyzed right arm, got right up, got back on stage, and joked, "Now nobody can ever say I didn't fall for Parktown."

    This arrogant, thin-skinned president lacks such character and good-humor. The media wouldn't show how Dole laughed at adversity, and they don't want to show how Obama snarls at it. Good to see this got out.