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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Let me answer the questions without challenge or you'll never get another interview and I'll talk to your boss, all right?"

Obama gave an interview to a local reporter in Texas (via NiceDeb).  The interview struck me as fairly ordinary, although the reporter gently tested Obama on a couple of the answers.  There was nothing in the interview which struck me as disrespectful or anything other than what a reporter should be doing.

The revealing moment came at the end, when Obama was taking off his microphone and commented to the reporter:
"Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?"
Here is the screen shot (video is here).

Mighty thin-skinned.

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  1. The true Obama continues to reveal himself, but so few get to see and hear these glimpses behind the curtain.

    Thin-skinned narcissist=Barack Obama.

  2. Just heard Brad Watson on WBAP with Mark Davis (a fine conservative and occasional fill-in for Rush). Brad wouldn't let him go off on a filibuster. Would that there were more reporters like him.
    And his boss will more than likely applaud his work.

  3. "Thin-skinned"? More like "no-skinned"!

  4. How about answering some questions? Save the filibustering for a Republican nomination to the Supreme Court.

    I didn't vote against him because of his skin color, I voted against him because of the lack of failure on his resume. Before being President, when did he ever fail, and have to regroup?

  5. From what is shown here I think Teh One is more arrogant than upset, which the "thin-skinned" hed implies. Post-interview asides such as these are common when talking heads collide with true journalists. The pro simply says, "Yes, Master" and ignores it. And no, I voted against him and still believe he's worse than Cahtuh.

  6. The guy is graceless.

    I live a stone's throw from JSC and people around here are livid that we're not getting one of the four shuttles for the existing static display that includes all the moon rockets, etcetera. Not that they like him much anyway, but this is just finger in the eye stuff. Of course a Texas reporter is going to press that issue a bit. It's a huge local issue.

    Anyway. Can you imagine any previous president being so thin-skinned in an interview? And it isn't the first time either. The guy simply can't tolerate any dissent or challenge.

  7. Awwww...paw baby wants to eat his waffle...

  8. 1. If the Republicans can find a way to get at it, Obama's thin skin could be his Achilles heel. ;-)

    2. In this Passover season, the words of John Belushi qua Menachem Begin come to mind: The Jewish people have a term for such a person.

  9. As Dennis Miller says, "It's not the color of Obama's skin that bugs me ... it's the thinness."

  10. Brakabama is small and weak. He knows it too.


  12. Well, I hope Brad is ready for an IRS audit this year.

  13. I tend to side with the O'Bumbler on this round, which I must admit is mighty rare. I realize that sometimes B.O. drones on, but unless his droning is extraordinarily long, the interviewer should at least let him finish. It has become common for interviewers to interrupt those whom they interview. Mostly, such interviewers are simply being extremely impolite: they asked a question,let the person finish the answer!

    It pains me to side with the O'Bumbler.

  14. Bet'cha there won't be a next time.