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Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Do They Take Over Health Care? Part 2

As if Part 1 were not enough.

Via Infowars (h/t @ProfBainbridge):

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  1. How can any of this be legal? Isn't this a violation of our Constutitional rights against unwarranted searches?

    When you purchase an airline ticket, your purchase is a contract with the airline, not with the federal government. If the airline wants to impose rules and regulations for flight, fine, then I can chose to use that airline or not, but I don't see how the federal government has the right to physically molest me because I enter a state owned airport and take a flight on a privatedly owned airline.

    I am tired of the excuse that terrorists are going to blow planes out of the sky if people don't allow their children to be subjected to the groping that would get any normal person arrested for child molestation. If the federal government can do nothing but knee-jerk react to previous events, hell, they can't protect us in the first place. This is like closing the barn door after the horse has already run off and saying "well, if the horse ever comes back, he can't get in, much less get out."

    Meanwhile, the Brownsville, Texas police are disarming IEDs found on a highway overpass. The same kind of IED used in Iraq. Move on, folks, our southern border is safer than it has ever been.

  2. We have to be lucky all the time. The beauty pageant queens only have to be lucky once.