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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Probably Better Blurry

"The" Turfmann took this photo of a car in the Boston area, which he says has some sort of vulgar anti-Palin wolf bumper sticker on it.  And he added:
Oh, I want you to know that in keeping with your pleas to be safe, I had both hands firmly on the wheel and my seat belt on when I performed the PIT maneuver on the car, sending it careening into a Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot. ;)
Your help in uncovering the text of these bumper stickers would be appreciated:

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  1. The top one with the blue and red is "Save the Planet--Kill Yourself"

  2. Wcgreen55 is correct. I blew up the photo and it is still blurry. The Sarah Palin bumper sticker seems to say "Sarah Palin" only.

    I am not so sure that the bumper stickers on this car are liberal -- they seem to be conservative.