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Saturday, April 30, 2011

These Docs Sure Can Pick 'Em

Thanks to Steve Burri for sending this photo he took in the physicians' parking area at a local Wisconsin hospital.

I hope the docs are better at surgery than they are at picking political winners:

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  1. Two points about the Feingold bumper sticker:

    1) It's not a campaign bumper sticker. It's for his "Progressives United" initiative.

    2) Those who talk about a Governor Scott Walker recall in the next breath mention Russ Feingold.

  2. "Progressives United"??

    Short version's as apt as Obama's "Win the Future" distillated.

  3. HA! A Prius and a Hyundai, neither made by union workers.

  4. I think it's stupid to put stickers on a nice car.

  5. Yeah but, the one with the O/B sticker seems to be leaning to the right?
    OT: The blogger 'bx code' error seems to be resolved.

  6. The Feingold sticker on the Prius is for Feingold '10.

    I was thinking of waiting to see who owned those cars as my wife is presently in that hospital.

  7. Also, note that the Subaru was purchased at a local dealer named 'Harms.' I thought the first rule of doctoring was 'Do no Harms.'