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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


You have to know the story to get it (h/t Anne):

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  1. Hah! That was great.

    I'm not Jewish by the way (Catholic). The Exodus is one of my favorite stories. That and the Genesis stories, Jacob being one of my favorites. I read them yearly, usually in the summer.

  2. I am still smiling! Very clever.

  3. Awesome!! Too many great things to re-cap....but includes all the new social media!!! Thanks for sharing (btw - NOT sent from my iPhone). :D

  4. Way cool. Didn't need those row boats after all.

  5. That. Was. AWESOME!!!!!

  6. "Best part: 'Pharaoh Enslaves Jews! World leaders condemn Israel.' So true!"

    Yep! Always sad, but funny this time!

  7. I must run that by my liberally indoctrinated school boy to see if they got the video right.

    Our 18 yr. old, soon to be graduate, has been schooling Pa and I on how ignorant we are about the history of the world.

    Last week, He told us The Crusade was caused by Christians(Catholics) innocently murdering Muslims and stealing their Holy Land from them.