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Friday, April 29, 2011

An impressive lineup


Today it was officially announced that Bloomberg will have a new editorial component.

Bloomberg View will be a comprehensive opinion resource and, I have to say, I'm really impressed by their lineup. Postrel and a few others will be on my GoogleReader, but I'm even looking forward to some of the people I doubt I will agree with (Gill, Cohan, etc.).

Overall, I applaud the choices Bloomberg made. I'm looking forward to reading this new project!

Which names did you like to see?
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  1. Al Hunt? Peter Orszag? Jonathan Alter, Ezra Klein? And about half of the laid-off editors from the NYTs Op/Ed page? I'm not impressed. Postrel vs. The World!!

  2. You need to reread that article. 6-8 NYT's, 2-3 LAT's, ex Gore-Biden, Klein,etc. ???

  3. Which names did you like to see?

    Postrel's. She really thinks.

  4. Jonathan Alter is bad enough, but Ezra Klein?

    I'm glad to see Professor Reynolds showing up in the Examiner and Jennifer Rubin in the WaPo.

    But when will Professor Jacobson be asked to contribute to a major publication?

    Isn't it a little embarrassing that a twentysomething Ezra Klein, who makes ridiculous errors on a frequent basis, would be chosen to write for WaPo and Bloomberg, instead of Prof. Jacobson?

    Can we all start a little (big) e-mail campaign to Bloomberg and other publications to get Professor Jacobson introduced to a larger audience? Or, would you not be interested, for whatever reason(s), Professor?

  5. Um, at a glance they all look like they came from NYT, MSNBC, government (dem admins, from what I could tell), or Slate. Not at all impressed.

  6. Postrel is going to be the backbone of our view, Shlaes (my favorite writer) is mentioned, & Glaeser is excellent. The rest might be ol' NYT/assorted liberal hacks, but its good to read those too - at least to gain perspective.

    Its not like it can/will compare to the WSJ Editorial Board in terms of excellence, or correctness, but it doesnt look entirely dilapidated to the left or particularly vapid.

  7. Michael Lewis is a worthwhile writer who would be even better if he wasn't whipped.