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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Zoom Lens Wouldn't Kill Ya

Thanks to reader Don who took this photo recently in Dallas, while stopped -- he says -- at a traffic light.

Don tells me the bumper sticker says "NO HOPE IN SOCIALISM" with the "O" in the form of the Obama election campaign symbol.

While I would have liked a close up, I do appreciate when my readers heed my caution about driving while photographing bumper stickers.  But a zoom lens wouldn't kill ya.

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  1. As near as I can tell, every digital camera sold for the last five or ten years has some sort of zoom. If you want a fixed focal length camera, you have to go looking for one after you buy the camera.

  2. Professor, Here is a link to a graphic of that bumper sticker - No Hope In Socialism Bumper Sticker

  3. Sorry 'fessor. IPhone 3gs = no zoom. Don in Dallas.

  4. I saw a great license plate holder on a motorcycle that was stopped ahead of me.

    "Smile....I could be behind you."

    It was on a police motorcycle, so I did not whip out my camera to take a picture. I was laughing too hard!

    Liz in OK