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Friday, April 22, 2011

The convergence of three religions in one day.


Robert Nelson really hit the nail on the head yesterday in the DC with his article "Earth Day — a national establishment of religion."

As such, issues such as climate change involve more than just “science.” The Bible’s book of Deuteronomy reveals dire consequences for those who seek to “play God.” We learn that God will strike down sinners who “worship other gods,” causing them to suffer “infections, plague and war. He will blight your crops, covering them with mildew. All these devastations shall pursue you until you perish.”

Contemporary environmentalism prophesies virtually the same set of environmental calamities resulting from global warming: rising seas, famine, drought, pestilence, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Often without realizing it, environmentalism is recasting traditional biblical messages. The Endangered Species Act replaces Noah’s Ark; wilderness areas are the environmental “cathedrals”; Earth Day is the new “Easter,” a time for deep religious reflection and revival.

Environmentalism thus is literally, not simply metaphorically, a new religion.

In honor of my aversion to this apologetic hippie kool-aid, I'll be watching Lord Monckton videos, perusing over Jeffrey Tucker's blog entries/"Bourbon for Breakfast", and reading Václav Klaus's "Blue Planet in Green Shackles."

I don't claim to know enough science to dismiss any global warming theories, that would make me as epistemically arrogant as the people who want to impose this lifestyle upon me. However, I must try my best to resist this fascist call for me to adopt a new religion.

Speaking of which, I hope the Christians who read this blog have a reflective Good Friday and I bid my Jewish friends a good pesach.
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  1. Oddly enough, I have always considered the plagues of Egypt a good description of an ecological disaster.

  2. In honor of the new religion I will walk about accusing all believers who use electric clothes dryers, pool pumps, and other non-essential electric appliances of being sinful.

    And if their electricity comes from burning coal I'll call it a mortal sin.

  3. Those who know the history of Anti-Christ see this for what it is, the religion of Anti-Christ (or a shadow, thereof), which is a mockery of true religion, a mockery with all the trappings and symbols of religion, only twisted to turn man's heart the things of this world... such as the Earth.

  4. Judging by the recycled environmentalism rubbish our children are taught in elementary school, I'd like to think of this as a purely touchy-feely K-12 education plague at worst.

    But, a few years back I was in a graduate-level climatology class taught by a professor from China whose area of expertise was climate change/global warming.

    On an especially warm day in early spring, (you east coasters would probably call it "hot") people in class were talking about the unseasonably warm weather at the beginning of class.

    One guy in class asked the professor, (I assumed, jokingly) if this was an example of global warming, to which, to my jaw-dropping surprise, she said, "Yes" !!!!!!

    Unbelievable. Not a result of pressure systems?? I mean, I grew up in L.A. and I remember this phenomenon occuring since I was a little boy--you know, back in the 1960s, even before the coming environmental catastrophe du jour was global cooling!! Too bad the professor, who didn't grow up around here, was too busy focussing on the entire globe to get it right about the local climate.

    Speaking of earth-killing catastrophes, growing up, I remember having to watch a number of films in class about how acid rain was going to kill the planet. That was quite trendy back then. You always heard about it. I haven't heard acid rain mentioned in a loooong time!

  5. I am willing to concede that the Earth MAY be warming. (it's done so in the past and there are indications that the OTHER PLANETS are warming also. Hmmm. What object in the SOLAR SYSTEM is a generator of thermic energy and is common to all planets?)

    What I'm not willing to concede is that:
    1) It's mankind's activities responsible for it.
    2) That no matter the cause, there's nothing we can do about it short of mass suicide.
    3) We don't have the coordination or the agreements between countries to effect any correction.

    It's also interesting that the same types who desire Peace and No War and No Nukes and Socialism/Marxism/Communism are the same types wailing about this.

    If they're agin' it, I'm for it.

  6. Kathleen, might I offer, along with hearty agreement with your post and the article, several vids on the magic of Nature around, beyond and within us for this week's celebration of Passover, Easter and a new spring?

  7. Kathleen,
    I have many links to articles that clearly show global warming is not man made. Would love to share them all, but don't know how to contact you. Below are some links, and I have many more.

    Arctic Sea Ice Back to Its Previous Level, Bears Safe; Film at 11
    March 2, 2008

    The Sun Also Sets
    [The Sun determines the Earth's weather, not human beings (i.e. carbon emissions)]
    ** behind a paywall at Investor's Business Daily
    February 07, 2008

    Climate Facts to Warm To
    [EVEN a global warming advocate admits no global warming for the last 8 years!]
    March 22, 2008

    Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979
    January 1, 2009

    Dispelling the Global Warming Myth [with conclusive charts]
    March 22, 2009

    Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages – solar and earth wobble – CO2 not main driver
    August 6, 2009

  8. Earth day = Humans are the disease of the Earth day. Once the movement is stripped of all of the fluffy euphemisms it's motto could be "save the earth; have an abortion or commit suicide".