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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Free Carbon Credits

Imagine my surprise to see this vehicle with Virginia plates in Ithaca.  From the decal, my guess is this belongs to the parents of a Cornell Engineering student.

I met the owners, who were quite happy to have me photograph the bumper stickers:

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  1. Engineering students (but NOT engineering faculty) are the only sane people on any campus.

  2. And to think these parents will probably have to pay for their child to take some progressive brainwash classes to meet the requirements to graduate.

  3. I love it!

    This is

    My peace sign.

  4. Brave souls to park that anywhere in Ithaca!

    (Although the ADK sticker might buy some absolution.)

  5. The ADK sticker stands for the very green Adirondack Moutain Club. Good to see that a pro-gun conservative apparently is a member.

  6. So this hippie joined a radical group. His first assignment was to blow up a bus. He was gone all day, and finally came home with burned lips. They asked him what took so long. He said, "Well, I had to catch it first."

  7. "This is ⊕ My peace sign."

    Your peace sign is binary XOR?

  8. @ Ben: I think that's a crosshairs...

  9. That's awesome.

    VA state motto = "sic semper tyrannis":

    VA is a right-to-work, shall-issue-CCW, local ordinances preempted from banning open carry state where I'm happy to live.

    Did they have any idea who you are? I bet they would have been delighted to know you are THE Legal Insurrection.