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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Madison, WI Tea Party Rally - Live

Hopefully this live feed will work for you, I'll also post updates. 

Click on the large centered play button if you want to open it in a different window, or on the small play button at the bottom left if you want to view it without leaving this post:

[Live Feed off air now. Will post video of Palin speech once available.]

You also can try a local television live feed, but there's no embed code.

Here is the Twitter feed for #wiunion so you can see some of the crazy tweets:

[you can get the feed here]

Here are some photos from the day of the counter-protesters:


  1. The audio feed is now much improved on the local link.

  2. The local feed sucks now. Livestream working better.

  3. http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/article/20110416/GPG0101/104160679/-Recall-Dave-Hansen-office-broken-into-burglarized?

  4. professor;; the ustream is cutting in and out

    people might want to try this link from rightscoop, its much more clearer and consistent.

    enjoy everyone


  5. Hey, there's a black man on that stage. I thought we were told that there are NO black people who support the TEA Party. Would the MSM lie to us?

  6. Perhaps it's time to turn off the Twitter feed? IMO, with their already excessive bought-off LSM coverage, I see no need to give the Obamacrats and their leftist union thug lapdogs any free time on a conservative blog to spread their ignorance, lies and vulgarity. Thanks.

  7. Interesting signs. It would seem the "new civility" is just the old incivility.

  8. God, I love Sarah Palin. What an inspiring and awesome speech.

    Telling the GOP establishment to take a page from the Univ. of Wisconsin women's hockey team and "fight like a girl" probably even motivated pasadenaphil. It's a travesty to our country that the media has worked so hard to trivialize, marginalize, and degrade this good woman.