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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yes, That's What He Means


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  1. Love, Love, LOVE that!!!! I haven't seen that for years! Thanks for the memories..... ;) I needed that.

  2. Another great line, from the movie White Christmas - Bing Crosby (Bob) and Danny Kaye (Phil) trying to help their old general:

    Phil: "....we need to stay here and dream up some way of getting people into this place."
    Bob: "What do you suggest?"
    Phil: "I don't know....should be something unusual, some kind of a novelty...."
    Bob: "Tell me, brainstorm, what do you think would be a novelty up here in Vermont?"
    Phil: "Who knows, maybe we can dig up a Democrat!"
    Bob: "They'd stone him!" (as they all chuckle and laugh).

    Ah, how times have changed! New England, Hollywood....time to change things back!! (I can dream, can't I?!)

    Here is the video link (around the 50 min. mark):

  3. Jim Vicevich, a radio personality in Hartford on WTIC 1080, plays that clip between segments of his show every morning. I always laugh.