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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Donald Gets His Twitter Death Wishes

We've seen the Twitter Death Wishes for Sarah Palin and Scott Walker, now it's Donald Trump's turn:

For the third time, The Question of the Day, is:
Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?

(h/t to reader Joseph for the link)
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  1. If my 3rd grade son draws a picture of a gun in class there is a reasonable chance that someone will assume he is potentially violent and we'll get dragged through the rigmarole we've all heard about. Especially it it is drawn aimed at something living...like a tree or a squirrel.

    Yet adult Democrats can make explicit death threats and for the most part they're ignored.

    Conclusion: We take children far more seriously than we do adult Democrats.

  2. Hatred is a powerful emotion. When I joined Facebook, I became FB friends with a guy I went to school with. At that time I vowed never to post anything political (until my overwhelmingly lefty classmates proved not to be so reticent).

    This guy runs a large, famous venue for concerts and sporting events on the east coast. You'd think he'd be tactful and cautious on FB. But he spewed forth absolute hatred of Republicans and conservatives on a daily basis.

    I engaged him, made a fool of him repeatedly (he doesn't have an ounce of wit in that inflated head of his) until he de-friended me.

    I always thought he was a bright guy, but he proved to be dumb as a doormat, at least as far as debating goes. Of course, lefties tend to get so emotional, they take wild swings and it's so easy to take them down with counterpunch after counterpunch.

  3. Wait, is Uncle Jason offering the option of killing Trump or him? Um... considering the amount of security Trump has, if I was forced to choose who I'd take a shot at...

    I thought lefties were supposed to understand Darwin.

  4. Wait, is Uncle Jason offering the option of killing Trump or him? Um... considering the amount of security Trump has, if I was forced to choose who I'd take a shot at....

    I thought lefties were supposed to understand Darwin.

  5. Death threats? Come on, we all know the West was won with Progressive unicorns and tolerant degeneracy.

    Guns are too loud and have a kickback. Expect more disingenuous, defaming smooth press, instead.

    Still, exactly who is UnckleJason and why can't he spell?

  6. 1) They think everyone thinks like they do.
    2) They forget the scope of access to what they say.
    3) It's in their nature
    4) They have dehumanized those they threaten (because they're not like them/don't think like them.) and are comfortable with thoughts of a non-human's demise. It's what made the Holocaust and other mass murders seem reasonable to those involved.

    Ask a cop; criminals don't think and/or are stupid and/or think they'll get away with it one more time. (A criminal when caught has committed at least 2 other crimes that they didn't get caught at. Usually way more than 2 and usually the same crime. It's why they do it again. It's also repetition that gets most criminals caught. I.E. the law of averages.)

  7. You have to understand.   When a lefty wishes someone's death it's just a metaphorical 'death wish' really meaning the wisher is just kidding and really just spreading love and unicorn sparkles!
    Our intellectual betters understand these things, while us knuckle-draggers don't.

  8. @jakee308

    Don't forget according to Internet Myth 0: The internet is anonymous there is no way to trace a twitter (or substitute the social networking app or your choice) account back to a real person.

  9. Is there an example of anyone on the right doing this to a leftist/Democrat type? At all? I mean a running twitter trend, not a one-hit wonder.

    Just wondering, since I've never seen such hate and vitriol on the right. Yet, following the Alinsky strategy, the left seems to do this quite regularly. Without any consequences, of course.

    Thinking....hmmm..... No one. Not one example comes to mind. Can't think of even ONE example of such hate from the right against a leftist/Dem. Any help?

  10. @jakee - I am quite amused at your indirect implication that Democrats are criminals, or at least behave like them. Thanks!! :D

    I quite agree with your #4 in particular. Liberal leftists, in most cases, have no respect for human life, or for the individual in any way.

    How they can live with themselves is beyond me. Lots of meds, I guess.

  11. Unckle? Good Lord.
    "ah canst spel but ah cun tipe"

  12. Dino:

    Heh. I really didn't MEAN it that way. Although the people doing the threatening in the Donald's case were probably liberal/leftist/Democrats, I was referring to the crime they were committing and the attitude that allowed them to think they could avoid any consequences which is similar to the mentality of those who DO commit crime on a regular basis.

  13. The Criminal Mind
    08/20/10 - Richard Fernandez - A Comment by Tcobb [edited]

    I met career criminals as a defense attorney.
    (1) Although smart, they could not contemplate the future where they might be caught.
    (2) The victims were always supposed to believe their lies. How dare the victims not believe?
    (3) They believed that everything was somebody else’s fault.

    To what extent do the behavioral patterns of our current ruling class mirror that of career criminals?


  14. "Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?"

    5) Because they have learned that there are no consequences. Liberals can do these things with impunity. They can threaten and intimidate. They can assault. They can vandalize and steal. In fact, they can even commit terrorism and murder--in which case they get job offers from universities and NPR.

  15. Given the pessimism about the country's future, it's not surprising that people are snapping. Thank goodness that the vast majority are only verbalizing.

    So far.

  16. Btw, Sarah Palin's "target" and "reload" caused the Arizona shootings.

  17. Jason Ferraro is a professional?

    who freakin' knew?

  18. Leftists are generally takers in the economic (and thus moral) realm. Control of the makers is a moral necessity. Disobedience or anything else that prevents them from controlling the makers is seen as a life threatening phenomena.

    As they see it they are responding to a threat to their lives.

    What are your questions on this block of instruction?

  19. Isn't it interesting that liberal death threats so often take the form of a whiny "I hate him, will somebody else please kill him for me"?

    Perhaps that's why such threats are not taken seriously. It's not like they mean to DO anything about it; they just want it to magically happen.

    Were a conservative to threaten a public figure, though, the tacit assumption would be that he's already loading his guns.

    Out of curiosity: what's the incidence of conservative vs. liberal public death threats? My guess is that the former would be rare if not non-existent... but I'll admit that I haven't gone digging for them.

  20. "Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?"

    They feel safe in their orbit, which includes prosecutors and other professionals. They uphold each other by upholding their orbit. A gang.

    @ Daniel in Brookline: Yes, good point on words not actions discouraging prosecution. Policing action thresholds at play also. However, words are proto-deeds, all of them, either by their utterer or another. And is wishing a death, in contrast to threatening a death, prosecutable? I do not know, IANAL.

    Also, how many ways are there to "kill" a person? Knocking them out of their orbit is one. A gang member typically regards expulsion from their orbit, the gang, as death. A town that expels a person and sends word to other towns to deny that person food and drink has sentenced that person to death. Driving a person mad is killing them. Taunting a person or an animal reflects a desire to harm them, which means kill them. Anger is murderous.

    Freeze Trump's accounts and properties and deny him media access, investigate him for oooooh how many violations of law(?) and is he "dead"?

    Now, doubtless the twiterer means physical kill and is afraid to do it themselves. But their words, despite their cowardice, impel further effects, indeterminate. There their orbit kicks in, they expect reliably and are unlikely to be disappointed. Also, if stating a wish for a death is not prosecutable (I do not know whether it is or is not), then this discussion is a waste of time, isn't it?

    The germane question here, it seems to me, is the strategic one: how does one sublimate chaos? The answer I get is a picture of a laser beam that publicly concentrates statements of the truth, from any source, on every single lie that emerges from the mouth, hand and eye of the liar-in-chief occupying the White House. Not to raise awareness. That is already high enough, work done. Rather, from distributed networks and elevated positions to shoot concentrated truth at the meta-random chaos nucleus that is crashing about, smashing evolved structures of life: shoot each lie of mouth, hand and eye with the truth. Soon, the chaos nucleus will be forced to halt and deploy in conventional line of battle, which will prove to be narrow and thin. Pinch its line of supply. Chew.

    Man seeks to understand because his nature is truth. He seeks to be aware because his nature is consciousness. He seeks to be happy because his nature is bliss.