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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sound the Trumpet

There's not much I can add to Mark Levin's explanation of why Donald Trump does not represent the conservative or Tea Party movements.  He wasn't there when we needed him, and he helped those who were against us.

So why the swirling support around Trump?

Much of it, without doubt, is name recognition.  But that cannot explain it completely.

As of now, Trump is the only one willing to meet Obama's smash-mouth attitude with smash-mouth attitude.

Obama can invite Paul Ryan to sit in the front row for Obama's budget speech, and then spend 45 minutes calling Ryan everything but a murderer, and Obama gets away with it because we have respect for the Office of the President even if we do not respect the President.

Obama got a pass on Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, and on just about everything else, as his minions trashed the Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro, and everyone who criticized Obama as racists.

The lesson of the recent sound of the Trump-et is not that we need Donald Trump, it's that we need to distinguish more clearly between the Office of the President and the President.

And we need someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is about the most arrogant, demeaning and dismissive President of my adult life.

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  1. Trump is the only one willing to meet Obama's smash-mouth attitude with smash-mouth attitude.

    Nailed it. But Trump also seems to have an ability to go after Obama without all the usual pushback that the regular conservatives get. I'm not sure if it's the weight of his personality, or his reputation in elite circles, but there is a level of deference afforded to him when he speaks on a topic.

    It's not nearly as deep as Obama's, but it's there. I wonder if the media haven't already lost interest in Obama and are casting about for their next choice of candidate to push.

    Aside from Trump himself though, I really think that his popularity is a reflection on the very weak looking Republican field. There are some great stars rising (Ryan, West, Rubio) but this year looks to be the also-rans from 2008, and none of them excited then either.

  2. Actually, I think Trump is a lot like Obama. He's arrogant and narcissistic. I love that he's bringing up the birth certificate issue. I know that I'm not supposed to care, according to Beck and so many others, but I do. Trump probably voted for Obama. He's not a Republican, and if he is, he just another rino. I hope we have someone better than him running against Obama or we're doomed.

  3. You and the Great One knocked it out of the park. Unfortunately, most of the Republican women have more testosterone than the men. What a bunch of lily-livers. The Republicans had better find someone with experience (no more rookies!), intelligence, and backbone really soon or we will have another disaster for a president. Even if they have an (R) after their name, they are worthless if they have neither convictions nor the courage of those convictions. Herman Cain is the only one in the field right now who I could vote for and I fear he is a very long shot.

  4. Please allow me to second the motion concerning Herman Cain.

    Long shot maybe but he would get my vote. His life story is compelling.

  5. I am sick of hearing that the only reason Trump is up in the polls is because of his name recognition. This is garbage. What his name recognition has done is it has given him a platform from which to speak.

    It is what Trump is SAYING that is getting him the big poll numbers. And even more importantly, it is HOW he is saying it.

    Everybody is saying, "you can't touch this," and Trump is saying "Oh really?" SLAP-SLAP-SLAP, "how's that?!"

    What this country needs right now, more than anything else, is someone who will boldly confront Obama. Who else is doing that? No one.

    Do I trust Trump? Not any further than I can throw him. But I don't trust Huckabee, Romney, Palin, Gingrich, or any other politician, either. And if Trump doesn't hold the line, then I'll be the first one to line up and say "You're fired."

    With Bachmann and Cain, I fear they do not (yet) have the political skills to play in the big leagues. My favorite would be Jim DeMint, but he isn't showing up. West is staying out of it until he gets more political experience.

    With the current line-up, Trump can't be worse than Obama, and Trump is the only one I can see running a campaign that would take Obama to task. With the worst president in American history, and an extremely weak field of candidates, I am not opposed to giving Trump a shot.

  6. Trump is no Republican. He's not even a RINO. He's an opportunistic narcissist, probably 10x worse than Obama is in that regard. We've got to stop him from gaining speed. He's given money to liberal icons like Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden. My god, he even gave money to the horrible Harry Reid during the 2010 cycle.

    When Trump said earlier this week that he'd probably run as an independent if he doesn't get the GOP nomination, even though he understands it will probably result in a second term for Obama, Rush said he was going try to get Trump to come back on his show to explain himself. They agreed Trump would appear on Friday's show. And he did.

    Well, Rush was hosting a charity event to raise money for blood cancers. The first thing Trump did was buy off Rush by donating $100K to the charity. Rush conveniently forgot to ask Trump why he would torpedo the Republican nominee by running as an independent.

    Friday was a sad day for Rush and for conservatives.

  7. Trump is a flash in the pan, narcissist and arrogant opportunist. Don't forget in his interview in Human Events he said the US should go after terrorists like Saddam Hussein did. The fact that Trump forgets, or quite probably had no idea, that Hussein was a terrorist, evil, brutal dictator and wants to emulate him in our fight against terrorists says something about Trumps total unfitness for any job dependent on the Rights and laws of the Constitution of the United States.

    Also this birth certificate crap is just that crap. Our nation has serious problems and we need serious people who want to work hard to solve them. Those that cannot distance themselves from conspiracy theories and inadequate, convoluted and idiotic readings of the law need to leave the real issues to those of us who want to push this country forward instead of myrrh it in inanity.

    Obama and Trump deserve each other, problem is the rest of us have to live with Obama for another 18 months and the pundits just keep putting Trump on the airwaves. Luckily technology has an off button.


  8. I don't mind Trump's narcissism so much because he wears it on his sleeve. Destructive narcissists will tell you how humble they are and pretend it's not all about them. Trump doesn't do that. Half of his sentences are about what an outstanding guy he thinks he is.

    I don't think I'll find Trump's policy positions appealing, but there's no sense in comparing his personality to Obama's.

  9. Anyone who watched Timmy Pawlenty simper smilingly on Jon Stewart's take-down of conservatives knows why Trump and Chris Christie are so popular among people who oppose Obama. Pawlenty [and Mitch Daniels & Santorum & Mitt Romney & a couple of others] are tepid, luke-warm and simply don't seem to have a pulse.

    Trump is a chameoleon publicity hound sham who should be laughed offstage, but not one GOP prospective candidate has the guts to do the right thing and call this fraud out on his many instances of deviant behavior.

  10. The entire establishment has gone apoplectic over Trump. Refusing to address the issues he is bringing up, everyone will point out the obvious and attack him personally. It's another one of those interesting observations that make so many of us cynical. Hannity presented a great interview of Trump this week and I am sure he is getting an earful because of it. The right is not so different from the left in my opinion.

  11. People talk about Trump's ego like it's a bad thing, when in fact, that is the best thing about Trump. Trump plays for one reason only, to win.

    Unlike Obama, if Trump was president, he'd want America to come out on top, not out of patriotism, but because of his own ego. That is precisely why you can bet Trump is going to stand up for America and stick it to the other country.

    I didn't like it either when Trump talked about running as a 3rd party, but when asked to clarify, Trump pointed out that he would only do that if he thought he would win. And in that much, I believe him.

    Trump is no McCain, preferring to lose respectably than to win dirty. Trump's ego doesn't tolerate losing. That's why he is pushing so hard right now, because he won't enter into the Republican primary unless he first knows he'll win. It is not in Trump's character/ego to run to lose.

    Do I like the fact that Trump donated to all these Democrats? No, but he is a business man, and you have to do what you have to do. This is precisely why he is so dangerous to Obama and the Democrats, Trump is the antithesis of McCain.

    Trump is obviously no principled pro-lifer, etc. But again, things like being pro-life, cutting the deficit, being pro-American are the majority positions of the country. If you want to win, then you take these positions. And Trump, more than anything, wants to win. This is why I consider Trump's ego a good thing.

    I am surprised that Mark Levin doesn't understand these things. He of all people I would have expected to cheer someone who was willing to do what it takes to beat the other guy, and tell it to Obama's face. If Trump won't shy away from the birth certificate issue, can you imagine the kind of campaign he'd run?

    If the tea party movement has taught me anything, it is that it is no longer about electing people you trust. It is about trusting no one, and holding everyone's feet to the fire from here on out.

  12. Trump did not vote for the fraud. He supported Hillary in the primaries and then McPalin in the general. As did I and millions of other dems, reagan dems, conservative dems.

    As for Mark Levin, who I normally like listening to, what a load of crock, his sainted Ronnie Reagan was an out and open Democrat before becomeing a republican.
    Trump can put in conservative policy makers in all positions, heck just take all the reagon policy makers and put them in those positions again.

    Do I like eveything Trump stands for? No, and that applies to everyone. You people seem to think you are dealing with jimmy carter part 2, hell no! you are dealing with a chicago thugster, he is much much worse than carter, and the media protects him. A ken doll type Romney is not going to cut it, you need someone who will not be afraid to get in that chicago gutter and fight back.

    Trump is the only one with the spine to go after Obama and the media that protects him.

    I am a registered independent, I was one of those Reagan democrats, I will vote for a paper cup before Obama,but I am planning on registering as a republican to vote in those primaries, and if Trump runs he will be getting my vote.

    (and this is on the wrong thread, but whoo hoo!! Prosser won!!! go gov walker, I saw his testimony in congress, superb job)

  13. an for the record, I supported the Tea Party even when I was still a registered demonRat.
    I know Trump donated to Charlie Christ, while people like me gave $$ to Rubio and Rand Paul

    I consider myself a consitututional conservative, but I am also practical in fighting the left, you have to first get elected, the messanger matters.
    Obama has to be kicked out in 2012!
    If takes a Trump to do it, so be it. For congress, I will be supporting rock solid constittional conservatives like Rubio, especially staunch fiscal conservatives.

    but the WH is another game, and I will be reregistering temporarily as a repub to vote for Trump, love Sarah Palin, but she will not be able to punch through the onslaught of establishment repubs and the corrupt dems, obots are stupid but they will come out in drives to vote against her, with Trump, heck many of these Obot drones will vote for Trump just because their beloved Messaih didn't close down Gitmo.

  14. Because the guy is so outside the box.

    He's saying and asking a lot of the things (not all... a lot. I think the birther thing is GOP flypaper) that should have been said and asked for years... because no one else is.

    His problem? When you're the mole, and you stick your head out of the hole, their may be someone there to whack you.

  15. Trump is another "change you can believe in" candidate, except without any principles. Who knows where he will come down on an issue.

    His personal life is a mess. John Edwards was Donald Trump2. Even his business life is a roll of the dice.

    As much fun as it is to see low brow smash-mouth Trump against higher brow smash-mouth Obama and the media not knowing what to say, that's not the kind of presidency we need to do the tough turn the nation has to do fiscally and in terms of personal responsibility.

  16. Pretty funny how a guy never known for his political views until two months ago is now sopping up straws from conservative voters in national and state polls -- mostly at the expense of such Levin-certified conservatives as Palin, Bachmann and Gingrich, as well as Romney and Huckabee.

    I now think that Trump will run -- at least for a while -- on the theory that early campaigning will not cost much, there is plenty of free media to get (at least if you're Trump), and even coming in second in Iowa or New Hampshire makes you a real player.

    What this underscores is the absurd weakness of the GOP field -- an obvious fact thaf Levin, many readers of this blog, and countless others choose at their peril to keep ignoring. If Obama wins again, it will not be because 51 percent of Americans really want to rehire him.

    Trump does get something of a pass from the MSM as he taunts and assails Obama in a way that others can only dream of. Doubtless, this is because Trump is a celebrity and a tireless media hound who MSM types figure is not a serious candidate. But so what? If he can ride on that ambiguity for another six months while constantly punching Obama, he may well become the real deal.

    And don't forget, he can shift from the birther issue to other matters once he's got a solid following. Indeed, you can already see that happening.

    Would he make a better candidate against Obama? Probably not, given his baggage in so many areas. But really, who can say that safely when the alternatives might be Palin, Gingrich, Pawlenty or Barber, none of whom has run competitively against Obama in a single poll yet, despite Obama's glaring weaknesses and mediocre approvals.

  17. I certainly agree with Mark Levin's facts; I'm not so sure I agree with his conclusion. I'd like to respectfully ask ALL Republican candidates to adopt an aggressive and common sense approach to running against the current Obamanation in a similar way to Donald Trump's current highly effective method.

    IMAO, Trump's appeal is that he knows how to project his message without apologizing for it. The last Republican to master this technique was Ronald Reagan. Lots of pundits and news junkies (many on our side, btw) claimed that Ronnie was dangerous and unelectable, too.

    I'm OK with conservatives pointing out the obvious; to wit, Donald trump greases the palms of any candidate that may be of use to him in the future. I'm NOT OK with conservatives trying to tell me that Donald Trump is alone amongst the GOP field in participating in the grease game.

    Let's face it, we can wait until the messiah comes and sets everything right; however,the only question is, how much damage are we willing to sustain until we reach debt-ton-ation? The amount our government owes to world investors is NOT something that our government can ignore in perpetuity.

    Let everyone who smack talks Trump provide a practical plan; no critical stuff, just broad common sense outlines. He's making lots of sense to me (a long time Trump loather, btw)in the optimal method for upturning the current political big spender apple cart. My current favorite Trump meme is our ongoing pathetic use of foggy bottom losers to negotiate important trade treaties with people who are committed to taking our jobs and industries away. If Mark Levin, Ace, et al, would tackle this thorny subject, I'd be more than willing to listen.

  18. Trump isn't a serious candidate for president, but he's not the SOS type of GOP candidate and he's actually openly challenging Obama in an entertaining way, so he's gaining some traction. It won't last.

    As for respecting the Office of the Presidency, the GOP mantra should be that the country deserves a President worthy of such respect.

  19. I echo those above - it is not his name recognition, it is what he is saying, and the fact that he is right.

    It is funny to watch the effect of his "name recognition" on the normally biting ladies of "The View' - they become positively docile little puppies in his presence. Still a couple of shrill barks, but tails wagging.

  20. You go Trump! I like you better now, than as a celebrity!

  21. It really ticked me off today when, at the Tea Party Rally, a woman in the crowd asked Trump about George Soros.. Trump said, "Forget about Soros.. Leave him alone".

    This one comment gives me serious pause about Trump because I feel that Soros is behind much of the Union and Middle East chaos throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Trump could very well could be a shill for the left for the purpose of causing ultimate embarrassment to the conservative movement and Republican party (while at the same time getting what he's good at; PUBLICITY FOR HIMSELF).. Further, his stealing attention away from the eventual Republican candidate will occur because "Mr. average voter" will see Trump as the "up-front candidate", even if not the official one.

    Ask yourself this.. Why is the media handling Trump with kid gloves? Especially in light of the "racially-charged" birther issue, which historically incites the media attack dogs. Why the silence? Could it be the media is enjoying Trump's tactics as one of their own?

    Could someone prove me wrong? I would gladly accept that I am wrong but I fear that I'm not. I fear we might be getting played like a George Soros puppet.

  22. "Trump said, "Forget about Soros.. Leave him alone"."

    If Trump did say this, then I have to listen to him closer, and I will be wary of him. I would still vote for him over the fraud in the general.

    but Trump is then someone so far that is hitting hard against the fraud, and I will hold everyone's feet to the fire, does not matter who it is, like a previous poster said, the Tea Party has made me aware of being bound to solid constitutional principles, not a party not a candidate.

  23. I would recommend anyone who wants the fraud out the WH in 2012 to read this post, yes its a Hillary site, but remember there are many moderate/centerist dems/indies that will vote for a repub to kick out the fraud in 2012.


    whether it be Trump or Palin. Only these 2 fight back, and Trump is punching hard and constantly on every media outlet pretty much every day. I like Trump in what he is doing so far, that no cocktail party repubs seems to be doing, I just hope the ivory tower repubs and the establishment repubs have even a small clue as to what they are facing in 2012.

  24. Oh, all the great conservative politiicans, talk show hosts (you Mark) and the rest of the field none (except Rush a little, Savage,one or 2 others) had the spine to call Obama out as a Constitutional Fraud.

    But now you have the guts to go after Trump, but not Obama.

    Does the word credability mean anything to you?

  25. I support Trump's effort to expose the lies behind Obama, however, I do not believe that Trump will decide to run for president. If he can bring more of his politically illiterate friends to vote against Obama, that would be good. Trump is basking in the lime light right now, because he is so needy of attention, but I don't believe he has the consistency of mind, nor his he a serious enough person, to follow through. Just watch in a few months as he comes up with some baloney logic rationale as to why he isn't running. I wouldn’t be surprised of he eventually comes out and says, “Look, I now make millions of dollars, why would I take a pay cut for that job.” People too will eventually come to realize that all of these New Yorkers who aren’t happy, unless they are unhappy, are really tiring after awhile.

    People have been clamoring for someone to openly confront Obama and get in his face – something the wimpy Republicans can’t find the gumption to do. The Republicans all sit around like a bunch of victims and talk about their respect for the office while Obama blatantly uses the Presidency as a shuck’n jive platform. And the Republicans simply cannot find a way to effectively counter him because few of them are effectively confrontational .

    The people want someone to call Obama out and go after him aggressively. Which ever republican does that in the most effective manner may win the election. Romney just keeps flashing his fake smile and he will never win because his face never returns to neutral (sincere). Pawlenty is just too amorphous. Rick Santorum is a good man, but does not seem to have the gravitas needed to effectively do the job. I think Palin can get the job dome. Michelle Bachman can’t seem to strike a balance between her smiling pleasant face and being a serious person of real conviction. This is why Christie rates so high.

  26. "... the very weak looking Republican field."

    Prairie pudding!

    The Republican field has two and possibly three sure candidates for POTUS and all are women. Not one man in the field, with the possible exception of Don Trump, can stand to the occupier of the White House or will.

    Only people who fear legacy media and socialist oligarchs think the Republican field is weak. Such people, themselves, are the weak ones, made so by cowardice.

  27. Apparently, you missed Mitt Romney's op-ed at NRO this last week about the president's speech. He said the president crossed the line from misguided mistakes to outright dishonesty. Granted, calling the president a liar in an article isn't as "smash mouth" as demanding his birth certificate all over the Interweb, but it's a sign that Romney's willing to go head-to-head with the president.

    What'll really be interesting will be watching how many evangelicals who reject Romney's conversion to pro-life give Trump a pass on a similar conversion.