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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robert Paul, move!


Apparently one of Ron Paul's other sons is considering running for the Senate in Texas. While I really have enjoyed Rand Paul's contributions to our political discourse, Robert Paul should not run in Texas. Since I first looked at the Senate race in Texas, it has become pretty obvious to me that Michael Williams is an incredibly strong and powerful candidate. Robert Paul could do a tremendous good in a state like Arizona or some other part of the sunbelt, but gosh, let's not pit our best bets against one another!

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  1. Professor, I don't think Robert Paul will gain much traction.

    The liberal Texas press likes to pretend that David Dewhurst would be the front runner should he decide to thown his hat in the ring. That is basically because Dewhurst has enough personal money to support a campaign. Roger Williams has already thrown his hat in the ring, but to most of us Central Texans, he comes off as LBJ slick.

    Almost everyone I know is backing Michael Williams. He is NOT another poor little rich kid and his creditials are spotless. Once you speak to him, you know this is a man who is a man of his word. But Michael Williams is having trouble with fund raising in an economic time that has hit even us Texans. He doesn't have the "big" money behind him (like Roger Williams may have) and Cruz is going to play on the Hispanic Republican donor.

    I suggest your readers check out Michael Williams and if they can find their way to do so, help send this honorable and God fearing man to D.C.

    Also, don't sell Kay Bailey short. She has promised, more than once, that she was going to vacate her seat, only to change her mind. And looking at her recent voting record (as compared to some of the votes she cast as a true RINO) she is definately playing to the crowd.

  2. Kathleen I too like Michael Williams, ever since I spoke to him at the State Convention here in Houston a couple years ago. In fact my exact words were, "To hell with McCain, I want YOU!".

    That said, it really is looking like Ted Cruz is going to be the front runner. He has raised far more money than Williams has and it looks like Dewhurst may sit this one out. At least that is the trial balloons being floated at this point.... Cruz isn't a bad sort either and I was somewhat torn as to which to support. I am supporting Williams, but if it does come to pass that he is unable to raise enough money, Cruz is not a bad second choice.

  3. Abundance in Texas. Paucity everywhere else.

    Gotta love Texas.

  4. Thanks guys, I should have clarified that I don't know who is actually "winning" but I like Williams best.

  5. I've often wondered why Ron Paul never ran for Senate in Texas. I mean, it's obvious his aspirations were never limited to just his district, and it's just as obvious which chamber of the House needs him more.

  6. Why anyone would truly back any of the Paul's is beyond me. Just because their rhetoric about financial responsibility rings true for some, does noone else hear their antisemitism or is OK to gain power using the oldest of hatreds? Did you forget the antismeitic barb thrown at Rumsfeld by Paul supporters during CPAC or is that OK? The Pauls need to be marginalized and unless the republicans and the tea party can do that, there is a huge danger of loosing the next election.Shame on those that support any member of this family.

  7. Yes, after the last few vetos in Arizona I think they need a better governor.

    Jan Brewer is looking almost as conservative as Michael Bloomberg.

  8. I've often wondered why Ron Paul never ran for Senate in Texas.-Stephen Monteith

    Wonder no more. Rep. Ron Paul ran for the U.S. Senate in 1984. He was crushed by Rep. Phil Gramm.

    wv: ingec, the economic program of ingsoc