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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Israel: Defying All Odds

I may have found a new go-to website, Aish.com, which produced the Google Exodus video I posted earlier this morning, and this video:

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  1. I learn more about Judaism and Israel in one day from this site than I did in years growing up among liberal Jewish friends.

    What an inspiring video! Too bad our culture, especially that of our young adults, seems to fetishize underdogs of any stripe (e.g., radical Palestinians) in addition to distrusting the successful.

  2. ...and...despite all of these accomplishments and statistics, Israel is the target of all the have-nots of the region. It's amazing what jealousy can do to people, isn't it?

  3. We received this video clip by email a few weeks ago, and sent it on, hoping it would go viral ..... all those stunning facts listed, one after the other, have enormous impact .... I pray they will get the attention of more people who are currently 'asleep' as regards Eretz Israel, her People, her origin, her purpose and her destiny.

    I am reminded of a quote ... I forget to whom this Q was asked but it was somebody notable whose words are 'quoted' *__* .... anyway, a skeptic asked this notable person (paraphrase from memory), "What is the best evidence you can give for the existence of G_d?", and their reply was, two words only:

    "The Jew."