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Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Rules for Liberty Guerrillas

It is worth taking a look at the post below, by the same person who did My Rebuttal to a Progressive, the best rant since Rick Santelli..

The post is 10 Rules for Liberty Guerrillas.

Rule 1 is something we need to keep in focus, since so much is done by the mainstream media and blog trolls to demoralize opposition to Obama:
"It is important to maintain a belief in final victory. Morale is everything."
Read the rest.

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  1. have never been to that site. thank you very much for this.

    ever ask yourself what shape the US would be in without alternate media? frightening indeed.

  2. Could this be #11?

    Grassroots Organization (For Morons)

    "just over five percent of voters choose 85 percent of the House of Representatives and the state legislatures."

    "The 2012 General Election won't save us without a rockin' 2012 primary to set the stage. The primary matters because:

    *85 percent of districts cannot change parties. (They didn't in November 2010.) For those districts, the only way to get a better, bolder rep is in the primary.
    *Only 10 percent of voters participate in primaries. Half their votes = win.
    *The winner of the right primary wins the general.

    Ace HQ

    I encourage you to watch the short video.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind link, Prof. I hope that more people will realize that they are not alone.