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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Public Employee Union Dance-a-Thon Practice In Madison

On display in Madison, Wisconsin today, as related to me by reader Jim, who sent this photo:
"This guy was next to me screaming for two hours. Here he is showing civility and tolerance to Sarah Palin."

What can I say, I look for the good in people. 

This guy was not flipping the bird to Palin, he was just practicing for this year's "Public Employee Union Dance-a-thon":

More images in my prior post.

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  1. He was signaling his appreciation for Sarah's defense of the mentally challenged by indicating his I.Q.

  2. I saw Sarah Palin in Auburn back in June of 2009; 20,000 people showed up to see her and hear what she had to say. There were a handful of protesters with signs -- one wore a disgusting anti-Bush t-shirt -- but even they were clapping for her halfway through her speech.

    As I look back on that, I figure they thought she was no longer a threat, since the election was over, and maybe they actually listened to what she had to say.

    And now? Now, she is a threat to them. But what do they fear she'll do? At least Tea Party members are specific; just look at their signs. But the people who protest Sarah Palin are just insulting her.

  3. He might have been indicating his IQ. But I can't determine if it's 1, 2, or 11.

  4. Hey, I know that guy! He lives near me just outside of Madison.

    Used to be a member of the tea party, even tried to sign me up. Now, he feels betrayed by Walker's tactics, since busting unions wasn't mentioned in his campaign.

  5. Now, he feels betrayed by Walker's tactics, since busting unions wasn't mentioned in his campaign. - highly

    You know, stuff like this never ceases to crack me up.

    'Cause we're really that schtoopid.

  6. That guy is simply just showing Sarah Palin & the Tea Party his IQ level - a single digit.

  7. It’s politicians like Walker and Palin that give me hope for the country I love.

    It does not surprise me that Palin went to the front-line of our nations economic battle to lead and encourage the conservative warriors. It does surprise me that no other potential presidential candidate did.

    I think Sarah is proving her fortitude, and has on more than one occasion. I guess the others want us to just take them at their word.

    I've got news for them....