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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scranton Police Union Objects To Non-Union Police Chief Making Arrests

If you have a better example of public sector union idiocy, please post the link in the comments.

The police union in Scranton, PA has filed a grievance against the city because the non-union police chief made an arrest while off-duty.  

The union claims that the police chief is not allowed to make arrests because under the union contract only "bargaining unit" members can make arrests.  As reported by the Scranton Times Tribune (h/t reader James):
The complaint, which was filed with the state Labor Relations Board on April 14, takes issue with the chief arresting a man who was allegedly in possession of marijuana because the chief is not a member of the collective bargaining unit and was "off duty" when the March 20 arrest was made.

"I think it's absurd. I'm not going to turn my head on crime that takes place," Chief Duffy said. "I took the same oath (as a police officer) that everyone else took.

"On my day off and I'm driving around as the police chief, and that's wrong?" he asked.

The complaint states that "the work of apprehending and arresting individuals has been the sole and exclusive province of members of the bargaining unit," and that the city did not inform or negotiate with the union that the chief would be "performing bargaining unit work."

Because of this, the union says the city violated the state Labor Relations Act and the Policemen and Firemen Collective Bargaining Act.
Video via WNEP:


How long before the police union declares that its members will not act as "palace guards" for city officials?

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  1. I'm the guy that passed this on to the good Professor. I have been following this for a couple of days .....find the link to the story in the Scranton paper and check out the comments ....The unions are taking a beating on this one ....idiots .....they are trying to convince us that the Chief of Police is not a real cop and most of the folks who are commenting are saying well .... He looks like a duck if ya ask us

  2. Reminiscent of the the Boy Scout who was sued for cleaning up a trail for a project. That was union work. A softball coach got in trouble in Milwaukee last summer for mowing the field where his team played. He had to mow it 3 times, it was so long, and found numerous objects which could have injured his players. But that was union work, and they were going to get around to it. Absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Aggie, I still have family up there. When they told me about this, I had a great and good laugh. I think, especially in that Milwaukee case, that the complaining unionistas should immediately become eligible for firing on grounds of failure to execute their responsibilities.

  4. Pinky-ringed union representative: You people have got it all wrong. Now I am going to give it you straight, one more time.

    We do NOT exist to serve and protect the public. We exist to serve and protect our UNION and our JOBS.

    Didn't all the pro-union demostrations in Wisconsin teach you anything. You as taxpayers exist to pay and obey. Don't forget this!

  5. How are police (and other public employee) unions not protection rackets fighting over turf, perks and spoils? This is just another case of the long arm of the law scratching where it shouldn't-- at least, in front of us ;>{

  6. How far away is the union from filing complaints against union members who are off duty arresting someone? Then they can say "Hey, I'm off the clock, I don't have to get involved." Seems they are pretty close to that.

  7. I noticed the union rep is only a Lt. and looks to be a lot older than the non-union Chief. But I doubt it was sour grapes or anything...

  8. How do the public unions get to decide who has the power of arrest? Isn't the state policing power something only delegated by an elected legislature or governor?