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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scott Walker Will Not Be Recalled And Will Be A Top Contender For VP

Here's why.  Despite all the vitriol from the unions and Democrats, Walker is getting Wisconsin's fiscal house in order.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (h/t @byronyork)(emphasis mine):
The property tax bill on the typical Wisconsin home would rise by less than 1% annually over the next two years under Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget, the Legislature's nonpartisan budget office reported Friday.
The Legislative Fiscal Bureau also said Walker's plan would put the state's finances in the best shape they've been in for more than 15 years.

It found the so-called structural deficit - the imbalance between spending and tax revenue as laid out in state law - for the 2013-'15 budget would be $31 million. That assumes Walker's budget passes the Legislature without new spending increases or tax cuts that would add to the deficit.

Under its existing form, Walker's budget leaves the state with a fraction of the structural deficits seen in the past eight budget cycles. The next lowest structural deficit in recent years was $1.5 billion, or 48 times as much as what Walker's proposing.
Now if he could help do for the U.S. what he is doing for Wisconsin.

A recall election in Wisconsin next spring, with all the union hysteria and name calling contrasted with a record of fiscal responsibility, may be just what Walker needs.  And it will work to the advantage of the national GOP, which will be able to contrast Obama's base with the needs of the country.

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  1. For those that missed it, Wisconsin Governor Walker and Vermont Governor Shumlin testified in front of the Congressional Oversight Committee last Thursday.


    It featured some grandstanding and partisan fireworks, as would be expected. However, the underlying tone of lesser, more effective Government was clear. It makes sense why the left is so strongly aligned against Governor Walker. He made a strong case for future prosperity in Wisconsin that certainly could apply to other states. It is a smaller, more efficient, more accountable model that the Big Government types deplore. Or at least pretend to for political reasons.

    Walker nails it at the 58min to 1:04 mark in particular. The whole thing is worth a watch though.

    The fireworks are at 1:27 with Iowa Rep Bruce Braley. Gwen Moore WI Rep at the end is worth a chuckle too. Governor Shumlin makesa few good points, but he constantly falls back on the "on the backs of the middle class" and a "we can all get along" narrative. I was hoping that Governor Walker would have mentioned his appointment of Democrat Senator Lassa to the WI economic Development Corp. http://wispolitics.com/index.iml?Article=232292 It illustrates his willingness to reach across the aisle in the best interest of WI.

    All the noise from the Democrats and Unions serves one purpose, sway public into impulsive action fast. Time is the worst thing for their tactics; as individuals learn the devil in the details and realize the sky isn't falling.

    Ryan/Walker 2012?

    I'd like to see both retain their current positions. However, that is due to my WI bias as they both represent me.

  2. From your lips to the voters' ears. And to their hands when they cast votes.

  3. I like Walker alot. I see some of Ronald Reagan's qualities in him. He's very affable, even under intense pressure. And he's unwavering in his principles. One of the best lines he said during the fake Koch hoax interview was, "we're going take some of our freedoms back". That was Reagan-esque. I agree he is probably a rising star.

    And Wisconsin is a key swing state that will be important for the 2012 elections, no doubt about it. Walker would likely deliver the 10 elctoral college votes for the GOP if he were on the ticket.

    But Florida is also important, and it has a whopping 27 electoral college votes. So strategically, I think either Marco Rubio or Allen West as VP would be a better choice. I bet with either West or Rubio on the ballot, the GOP could lock up the 27 Florida electoral votes. But black voters are extremely staunch Democrats. On a national basis, I don't think that West can pull as many black voters away from Obama as Rubio could potentially pull Hispanic voters away. I'd point to the success of Brian Sandoval, Susana Martinez, and Jamie Herrera as hispanic Republicans who were successful in 2010. That's why I come down on the side of Rubio for VP.

    I hate identity poliitcs. But that's how Democrats play the game. Democrats divide us by race, gender, geography, class, etc. and play the "us vs them" game and play on people's anxieties, fears and emotions. Conservatives don't play the identity politics game. We want our principles and ideals applied equally to everyone. But we can't ignore how the Democrats play the game, either. We have to at least consider the identity politics aspects of our choices, whether we like it or not.

  4. I read the article this morning. I'm finding the Journal-Sentinel has moved a little toward the center since Editor Oscar Pimental was demoted.

    I do not believe the Democrats can win any of the recalls. Even Kapanke can win if Wisconsin's economy improves in time. Grothman and Darling are in no danger at all and Walker should prevail if the Supreme Court race was any indicator.

  5. re: "For those that missed it, Wisconsin Governor Walker and Vermont Governor Shumlin testified in front of the Congressional Oversight Committee last Thursday.'

    I hope we can come back to this when Vermont's budget goes down the toilet in the next year or 2. Shumlin says, "would rather negotiate with maple syrup than vinegar" as a response I'm sure to the "vinegar" Walker used? Earlier in the week or so he made some comment about hoping the union would be making the right sort of concessions to help balance the budget. HA! Shumlin might have gotten points with the grandstanding senators but it'll be a shame for the good folks of Vermont.

  6. True story. Our youngest daughter, Kelly, lost a tooth. Then ... she really lost it. (I told her to stop carrying it around.)

    Characters: Me (as Scott Walker as the evil Tooth Fairy).

    Kelly (as the unions).

    I found a note from Kelly to the Tooth Fairy under her pillow. It read:

    "Dear Tooth Fairy, Guess what? I can't find my tooth. Can you just give me $10 or something? Love, Kelly."

    I took the note, and, in addition to money, I left her a note, too. It read:

    "Dear Kelly, $10?? Are you nuts little girl? Here's $3. Love, The Tooth Fairy."

    Me for VP of our home? I already am.

  7. "The property tax bill on the typical Wisconsin home would rise by less than 1% annually over the next two years under Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget..."

    1% it's an outrage! It's the biggest tax hike in history!

    Sorry, just getting in touch with my inner republican there.