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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fight of the Century and a great mind of the century


Two talking points:

1. The Keynes v. Hayek Part II video was released today:

I was absent from the posting cycle on the 17th and I gave a few hints in this direction. Indeed, I made it to the final cut... sort of... in the background at 2:07.

2. I had the pleasure of seeing Michael Barone speak last night at Cornell. I enjoy Barone's columns, but to watch him speak is to witness another plane of his genius. His mind is armed with an artillery of facts, figures, and historical observations that were a true delight to see him weave together.

And it wasn't just his speech that impressed me (the Democrats read into 2008 wrong, it was an anti-incumbent backlash, not a thirst for big government that elected Obama), it was the fact that he knew about the small centrally-planned facet of my hometown, Fair Lawn, NJ, which he cited when I introduced myself to him.

Did anyone like the Keynes v. Hayek video? Has anyone else seen Michael Barone speak?
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  1. Michael Barone is the kind of sweet, mild-mannered wonk that I love to listen to.

    I was watching the 2004 election results on Fox when it all came down to Ohio. Susan Estrich was on and she gave her detailed run down on why the situation looked very good for Kerry and very bad for Bush. My heart sank.

    Then Michael Barone came on ... he got into the minutiae of Ohio historical voting patterns and completely contradicted what Susan Estrich had said only minutes previously and said it looked very good for Bush.

    Michael was right! Don't bet against Barone!

  2. Just watched the video this morning, and loved it. I especially liked the real-world ending (shades of the '72 US Olympic basketball team) where the fawning media attempts to nullify the true outcome.

    The fine graduates of our education colleges never miss a chance to vilify facts and hard knowledge, but people like Barone and WSJ critic Terry Teachout effortlessly demonstrate the idiocy of that idea. The store of knowledge that both of those guys command elevates their mere opinions into something more. Hey, maybe that's what "informed" opinion is--I'd heard about that somewhere.

  3. I liked the video so much, I posted it myself. :)

  4. Loved this post. Thanks especially for the video.

  5. Barone was brilliant. I bet not many other kids in his neighborhood were that excited about the 1950 census!

    Being an infrequent visitor to academia, I was surprised at number of students in the audience who were watching videos, texting, and even sleeping right in front of the speaker. I got in for free, but those kids' parents are paying $50K/year!

  6. Yes I saw the video, it's awesome. Yes, I've seen Barone speak he is amazing.

  7. Congrats on your cameo in the video. I hope you had fun during your experience as an "extra".

    Yes, Barone is one of my favorite people on the right: even-tempered, logical and with an uncanny sense of how to sell his argument without giving offense.