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Thursday, April 28, 2011

"God is just rewarding Repubs by bringing them home."

Huff-Watch is collecting reactions from Huffington Post commenters about the tornadoes that killed over 250 people, mostly in the South, including the comment in the headline above.

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  1. I'd be willing to bet that many of those killed were black folks who were thrilled to vote for President Obama. Shame on the Huffers for being so insensitive.

  2. What kind of sick do you have to be to be glad that people died because they deserved it for being red states?

    Is this what our nation has come to?

    Tammy, insensitive? No, it goes deeper than just simply insensitivity. It is vile.

  3. This is "civility" and "compassion"?

  4. These people are beyond my understanding. I live in Alabama, and it is hard enough to watch the deaths mount up here without having to read that my fellow citizens deserved to die because they didn't vote for Obama.

    I doubt that those Huffpo commentors would do what these red staters did today. Standing in line for seven hours to give blood, rolling in makeshift carts to hand out free food and water to people who have none. Finding temporary housing, transportation and funds for people until they can get back on their feet. These things were done in the first 24 hours after the storm tore through...by churches, restaurant owners and individuals before any funds from the state or federal government could get here.

    I will try not to hate those people at Huffpo, but I will not succeed. Let them wallow in their own filth. It's what they deserve.

  5. perhaps it was taken out of context...otherwise, I would have to agree with retire05...

  6. That was gut-wrenching.

    How anyone could be "jubilant" at the death, destruction, pain and terror is beyond me.

    This is the "tolerance" of the left we are always being lectured about?

  7. Thanks for featuring this post!

    But I wish to make one thing clear:
    None of these posts that I cited, not a single one, would have appeared had HuffPost itself not reviewed it, approved it, and made the decision to publish it.

    This is confirmed here:

    And here:

    The blame for this incident should be focused squarely on HuffPost, for knowingly, deliberately facilitating this kind of chilling ghoulishness.

  8. It's good to know that even Leftists/atheists know that G_d loves Republicans/conservatives.

  9. Despicable. Creatures with no souls walk among us. And they are teaching our kids.

  10. Imagine if ANYONE had said such a thing after Katrina. The left are vile monsters.