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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama's Budget Speech In One Sentence, I Think

I did not get a chance to listen to Obama's "the end of the deficit as we know it" speech. 

Karl Rove is speaking on campus tonight, and I attended a private, off-the-record meeting with Rove and all of the openly conservative faculty in this University of some 2,872 faculty members.  The six of us really enjoyed the meeting.

So what did Obama say?  I usually like to do an "Obama's _____ speech in one sentence" post, but it is somewhat challenging not having heard the speech.  But let me take a stab at it:
"I inherited this mess from Bush and the wealthiest 5%, but I have a plan to get us out of the mess I inherited from Bush and the wealthiest 5%, which hopefully will mean that our children will not inherit the same mess that I inherited from Bush and the wealthiest 5%."
Did I get it right?

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  1. All except for, "And so I'd like you to join me and really tax the heck out of Bush and the wealthiest 5%"

  2. Not "tax" William. It's now "reducing spending in the tax code." You know, since all wealth really belongs to the government in the first place. They're just benevolent enough to bestow upon us some of the remainder.

  3. Some of those guys and gals have to come out of the closet.

  4. Off topic, Blodgett went all Trig Truther here:
    Sully has a new BFF.

  5. Yep, that's it. Unreal that he's still reading the same script given November's election and his plummeting poll numbers. But, no, he's not ideologue. Sure.

  6. Biden liked it!

    Asleep at the President's speech today.

  7. I stopped listening after the first minute. My rule of thumb is that I allow myself to listen to the first minute of his speeches. I figure if he doesn't resign within the first minute, then it's unlikely he's going to resign, so I stop listening.

    I did try to read summaries of it. The first summary I read was Paul Krugman's (only because his post was at the top of Memeorandum). Krugman was not hyperventilating with disgust about it. Rather, he was fine with it. Therefore, I know I will hate it. Why let my blood pressure rise by reading the speech when I already know I'm going to hate it? So, I stopped reading any other summaries.

  8. I think you forgot this part, right at the end of the sentence:

    "and Joe, Stand Up, Joe! Let 'Em See Ya! . . . Oh, God love ya, what am I talking about; you're asleep!

  9. Fairly close, with the exception of "...we must continue to work to decrease our debt while increasing our investments in education and clean energy..."

  10. Off topic, what's the story behind the links (from Macedonia?) to each post at LI?

  11. Hmm. I think you've failed to capture the anti-Paul Ryan sentiment.

  12. Personally, I thought it went a little more like:

    "I inherited this mess, I enacted a budget in 2009 that fixes it, accept for the tax the rich part and now I'm here to get that. Don't worry about the rest, I've already passed a lot of good things, already saving the deficit."

  13. Thanks for the post -
    Do you trust Rove on principle?

    I always thought him dodgy, given the political ineptitude of the Bush administration. Karl's O'Donnell/Castle debacle in '10 torpedoed any remaining patience I had for him.

    Thoughts? Thanks.

  14. Watch out, next you will be getting calls to work on the psychic network. :D