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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Libertarian Christmas!... was cancelled


No. And President Obama had to shove the "value" of compromise in our face:
"President Obama surprised tourists with an appearance at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday afternoon. He was there to make the point that places such as the Lincoln Memorial are open today because The White House and House Republicans reached a budget agreement keeping the government open.

"Because Congress was able to settle its differences that's why this place is open today and everybody’s able to enjoy their visit," Obama told visitors.

"And that's the kind of future cooperation I hope we have going forward ‘cause this is what America is all about - everybody from different places enjoying those things that bind us together," he added.

You know what? I think he has a point. I would much rather have distractions and tourist destinations to keep me preoccupied, rather than to strike this "debt" all those good for nothing Republicans want to do away with. In fact, I think I'm going to visit the Statue of Liberty instead of finishing The Wall Street Journal after I post this...

I can't say it would be much better if the government was shut down. Though I was looking forward to it because it would have had a rhetorical significance. Ultimately, this Michael Ramirez cartoon could not put it any better:

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  1. Umm. That looks like good ol' American appl

  2. Boner should have either stuck to his guns, made a moral case for individualism and let the gov't shut down. Or he should have admitted defeat and explained why this battle can't be won right now. But he did neither. He accepted defeat and pretended it was a partial victory.

  3. Interestingly, the amount, $39 billion, in the final agreement is much closer to the Democrat $33 billion than the Republican $61 billion. That's after giving up almost all the riders.

  4. Here's The Real Reason The GOP Caved On NPR And Planned Parenthood

    Business Insider

  5. Aw shucks!

    There goes my plan for spring clean up of the yard. I'll have to go into the offce.

  6. "Debt Jumped $54.1 Billion in 8 Days Preceding Obama-Boehner Deal to Cut $38.5 Billion for Rest of Year"