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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Am So Glad I Did Not Attend

Kathleen already gave a rundown on Keith Olbermann's re-appearance at Cornell.

I am so glad I did not attend. I already saw the show on MSNBC.

(Thanks to reader Lenny for the link.)

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  1. Olbermann should team up with Charlie Sheen and go on tour.


  2. Jeez. From what I could hear, the kid was polite and respectful. I don't know who looks worse in this video, Olberubermadd or the audience.

  3. Wow, malclave, that's quite a two-some. Charlie and Keith. Brings to mind the vile-tempered weasels scurrying 'round their cages during the conclusion of Gorky Park.

  4. "Jeez. From what I could hear, the kid was polite and respectful."

    That contrast has been blatantly obvious for many decades: Liberals routinely defame and demonize anyone to their right. (Anyone farther to the left, however, such as Lenin and Mao and Castro, however, get treated with respect.)

  5. Classic liberal playbook...you have no substantive argument, so revert to ad hominem.

    They have no good reason to call someone 'stupid', so they double down rather than provide an explanation.

    These people are not to be believed.