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Friday, July 2, 2010

Harry Reid Stalls Debating Sharron Angle For Several Months

Harry Reid is refusing to debate Sharron Angle until sometime in the fall, claiming her cannot find the time for several months.

How interesting that Reid is ducking debates, since he should relish the opportunity to challenge "S. Extreme Angle."

Reid's sudden inability to fit a debate into his schedule is all the more laughable because Harry Reid's campaign team and the mainstream media have pushed the meme that Sharron Angle has been hiding from the media.

The New York Times ran a lead article, In Nevada, Running for Senate and from Media, on the very day Angle was to appear for an interview with Jon Ralston, a prominent Nevada political reporter. (I guess The Times didn't see the irony of running such an article the day of the Angle-Ralston interview.)

The Nevada Democratic Party even created a tacky website, Sharron Angle's Underground Bunker.

Angle's interview with Ralston earlier this week, however, was well received even by some in the mainstream media.

During the Ralston interview, Angle challenged Reid to debate. Ralson has offered his show as a forum, although Ralston noted that Reid's campaign probably does not want Reid exposed in a uncontrolled setting:

I know his people are worried that every time he opens his mouth, a war might be lost or a tourist might stink or a president might be a loser or, even worse, sound like a Negro. But he is the Senate majority leader, and glib or not, rhetorical odysseys or not, unpopular policies or not, he should share the stage with her once a month from now until November.

As Angle left the set, she looked back at me, mentioned debates again and lamented with her good-natured smile, “Reid will probably use some clips from your show in his next commercials.”

I think she’s right.

But commercials are easy, senator. I wonder if you’re willing to sit down with the new Sharron Angle. That would be something I’d love to see.

But Harry Reid is hiding. It will be several months before Reid can find the time for a debate with Angle (emphasis mine):

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., tells News 4 he's willing to debate his Republican opponent Sharron Angle.

Angle challenged Reid to debate during her interview on Face to Face with Jon Ralston Tuesday.

Today-Thursday- in a phone interview News 4 asked the Senator if he was willing to debate Angle, and when.

Reid said he wants to debate, but does not think his schedule will allow one to take place for a few months.

This is not the first time Angle has challenged Reid to a debate. Angle first made the challenge just after the primary when she appeared on FoxNews.

Will The New York Times now run an article about how In Nevada, Reid Running for Senate and From Debates?

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  1. Throwing mud is a lot easier than debating. Mud throwing requires no intellect, and you can actually hire others to throw mud for you. A debate, in which the candidate himself would have to stand and think and speak for himself would be a vastly larger challenge. Much better to duck such a challenge; to much exposure there.

  2. I hear harry reid is taking a page from his son and trying to figure out a way to run without associating himself with his own name.

  3. I've seen Hannity and Larry Kudlow interview her. I've also seen Dingy Harry's public speaking skills. She is articulate and coherent, while he comes off as a buffoon. She will crush him in a debate, at least in terms of delivery.

    And everybody knows her so called "controversial" policy positions are largely irrelevant. She will be 1 in 100 senators, a greenhorn, and there's simply no chance any of her great ideas about abolishing the dept. of education or partially privatizing social security will ever see the light of day. At least not while the senate is under Democrat control and Obama is president. She will, however, be a very reliable vote against the big government policies of Obama.

    And for that, she must endure relentless character assassination by Reid's allies in the media and the kooky left blogsphere. Because Dingy Harry can't win on either his past horrible record or on Obama's vision of bigger government.

  4. Has anyone started calling her Sharron "Right" Angle yet?

    That would be awesome.

  5. Why debate now and have Sharron Angle change her stratedy again? Remember how she started out saying her father never accepted Social Security because it was like taking Welfare and it was not in the Constitution? How she was going to do away with Social Security and Medicare, then now she's changed to 'privatizing'. This gal is going to win by promising things that she won't keep once she's in the Senate.

    She is not consistent so I can see Harry's strategy to dual it out so she won't have time to re-organize her 'agenda' again! I would wait until October for a debate.

    Also, how is she going to carry out her 'agenda' if the Republicans are't even behind her. The Tea Party can't be there to help with her 'agendas'.