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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rhode Island Illegal Immigration Control Order of 2008

There has been quite a buzz regarding the failure of the Obama administration to challenge a 2008 Rhode Island Executive Order which accomplished much of what Arizona seeks to accomplish through S.B. 1070.

The signing statement of the Governor, as well as the Order itself, set forth the grounds for the immigration procedures imposed, including the failure of the federal government to act.  This is precisely the reason used to justify the Arizona immigration law.

The Department of Justice is challenging the Arizona law in court, but has been quiet about the Rhode Island Executive Order.

While an Executive Order could not criminalize conduct, unlike legislation, the Executive Order was sweeping in requiring verification of immigration status in numerous aspects of life controlled by the Executive Branch:

Rhode Island Illegal Immigration Control Order 2008-01

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  1. This is racist! It has to be stopped! And we need to boycott Canada too because the other day I tried to go in and they wouldn't let me in unless I had certified papers showing who I was. What other country would ever do such a thing? Canadians are racists too! Boycott and march and do whatever you can to stop all this racism!

  2. Rhode Island is not a border state.That's why no one cares. If Texas did it someone would notice.
    You have to keep in mind that Obama does not want the border secure and it makes more sense.
    Nobody gets to Rhode Island until they make it through Arizona or the other border states.

  3. Rhode Island is kind of tiny, and not enough undocumented Democrats to effect future elections.
    Size matters to this Prez.

  4. Given that Rhode Island is up here in the northeast, this post reminded me of something: has anyone noticed how every time a politician has something nasty to say about Arizona's SB 1070, they always seem to do it along the northern tier of the country? Wisconsin and the like. I find that absolutely hilarious. Heaven forbid they bring up their (invalid) concerns in a Mexican-border state. I suppose they can justify such things by saying that our longest border is with Canada, so it makes SENSE to talk about border security up north rather than down south. *rolls eyes*

    Actually, if the illegals pouring over the Mexican border don't want to get sent back to Mexico (or whatever other country they're from -- more than just Mexicans hop the border from Mexico), that's fine! Let's ship them up to Canada! They're so warm and open and friendly in Canada, I'm sure they wouldn't mind taking in a few million welfare cases. And let's face it, they don't have NEARLY enough crime up there (G20 protesters excluded, of course). Come on, Canucks -- what happened to equality and free trade? Take in a few illegals with multiple felony convictions; it'll add to your ethnic and cultural diversity! :) They just want to commit the crimes that Canadians don't want to commit.

  5. I agree with the sentiment that no one cares about this law because RI is not a border state. This law affects far fewer people than the AZ law. I'd like to see more immigrants coming to the US legally, especially on the eb-5 investor visa, which creates 10 US jobs for every immigrant, rather than seeing immigrants coming here illegally and having the opposite effect.