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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let's Play "Pin the Label On Megyn Kelly"

I haven't posted previously on the New Black Panther group voter intimidation controversy. There have been plenty of other things to cover.

The issue is significant not so much because two guys stood in front of a polling station with night sticks -- that would be bad enough. As with many things, the issue is not just the crime, but the cover-up.

There has been credible testimony by a DOJ whistleblower, supported by others, that the DOJ has instituted a policy -- whether official or not -- of not pursuing cases of voter intimidation where the alleged victims were white and the alleged perpetrators were black. I don't know if these allegations are accurate, but given that insiders or former insiders at DOJ are making the accusations, they should be taken seriously.

The mainstream media, as usual, is ignoring a story which has the potential to damage the Obama administration.

Into the void has stepped the blogosphere, and Fox News. Megyn Kelly, a rising star, has been all over the story.

One thing that has caught my eye is the budding movement to try to paint Kelly as implicitly racist for covering the story in detail.

I'm not sure if it started there, but it first came to my attention when Dave Weigel posted at The Daily Dish about Megyn Kelly's Minstrel Show. Weigel all but calls Kelly racist, suggesting that Kelly doesn't really care about the newsworthiness of the story: "Kelly's obsession with the current NBPP controversy is something else, though."

Now -- or perhaps predating Weigel -- Media Matters has picked up the cudgel, counting 95 times (!!!!) Fox News has mentioned the story in the past two weeks, with charts and time clocks and all.

Kelly is back on her heals, and is forced to defend the coverage:

We're now talking about whether Megyn Kelly is racist, not whether Holder is running DOJ in a discriminatory manner.

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  1. It is a crying shame what they are doing to Ms. Kelly. But I, for one, now count her as an ally. I suspect many Dem women who watched what happened in 2008 will.

    The fact that they are calling her "Racist," in fact, places her in excellent company. Bill, Hillary.... all of their voters: "Racist."

    Mac, Sarah, and all of their voters: "Racist."

  2. We're now talking about whether Megyn Kelly is racist, not whether Holder is running DOJ in a discriminatory manner.

    That is by design and is, in general, what awaits anyone who falls into the trap believing that these people (liberals) want any sort of national 'dialog' on race.

  3. Is it too early to suggest that the Obama administration is doing everything it can to intimidate white people with the threat of a race war? "Racist!" is no longer a serious accusation but a substitute for "Shut up!!!".

    While we are on the topic of "shut up" words, how about adding "Conspiracy theorist!!" to that list?

    We find ourselves surrounded by brazenly corrupt politicians and yet we can't ask the obvious questions without being accused of being conspiracy nuts? Don't we have a duty to ask those sanctuary city mayors how much of that narco money they are getting? Why else would our politicians be at war against American citizens?

    No one wants global government but that is exactly what the global elites are calling for. How do you do that? When does an elaborate global plan turn into a conspiracy? As someone who is routinely called a conspiracy nut, I don't know and I don't care. This effort MUST be stopped and we must not be silenced.

    To call the vast majority of white Americans racist conspiracy nuts is an awful lot of voters to tell to shut up. We should at least have the courage to speak up for those in the media who dare to speak truth to power. It takes more courage than most people realize.

  4. She has become an enemy of the state. And yes it is by design, every thing these creatures in this administration do is by design.....

  5. One of the things that became cyrstal clear the past two years is that once we elect them, they do what they want. Voters overwhelmingly opposed TARP in the Bush administration. Congress and Bush made it law anyway. The vast majority didn't want healthcare, they passed it anyway. I wrote my Democratic senator 2 hardcopy letters, one email, and phoned both her D.C., and Kansas City offices to voice my oppositon (I'd note she kept the D.C. office voicemail jammed to capacity, so I could never get through, but I made numerous attempts). A poll released within days of the Christmas Eve vote showed only 38% of Missourians supported it, 58% opposed, and I included those poll results in my email to her. She voted for it anyway.

    The town hall protests, letter writing, Tea Party rallies in Washington and elsewhere made absolutely no difference. It made clear to me the ONLY way we can influence our rulers (and that's what they are now - they don't represent us) is by deciding who to put in Congress. That is the ONLY tool we have. They don't listen once they are elected.

    So if the voting process becomes corrupt, via voter intimidation tactics or by counting illegitmate votes as may have happened with Stuart Smalley's election, representative government has died. That's why I think this voter intimidation case is so important.

    Because if our votes for who represent us no longer matter, at that point we might as well just give up the pretense that we are "free" and accept that we are bring ruled by tyrants who are fleecing us of our money through taxes to shower it on the rulers preferred classes of society.

    Everyone should read Angelo M. Codevilla's outstanding (long) column in American Spectator titled, "America's Ruling Class - And the Perils of Revolution". Link here:


  6. One of the primary purposes of the "racism" accusation is exactly this: To intimidate people who are saying the wrong things and stifle the truth.

    Are you early on the Saturday night card game post this week or is there that much extra race card crap to report on?

  7. @Irving. - more to come tonight for sure

  8. "We're now talking about whether Megyn Kelly is racist, not whether Holder is running DOJ in a discriminatory manner."

    As some have already commented, this is just par for the course for these thugs. They are simply following the Rules for Radicals - in particular Rule 13: pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    They are masters at this - when will the Conservative right catch on? You can't play by the honest up-and-up rules; these guys redefine and control the conversation in every conversation. That is how they win. Of course, that is only if we let them, now that we know their game plan and have their rule book.

  9. I no longer say the word "democrat". I use "TYRANT" every time now.

  10. The 10 minute segment where Megyn completely dismantled Kirsten Powers over the NBPP debacle was a thing of beauty.

  11. Racist is what they use against anyone who challenges their actions. They have used Newsweek before most notably when Klein accused all those Jews who were criticizing the Obama Middle East policy of being traitors to the US and choosing Israel over the US. The antisemitic canard of being an Israel-firster was launched. Luckily most of the US Jewish community who did vote for Obama, handed Klein and Newsweek their heads (as far as I could tell) but I have no doubt that Obama will go back to his "help the Arabs destroy Israel ways once Nov is over."

    The use of a 24 year old to question anything anyone says is beyond ridiculous. I wonder whose child he is at Newsweek or at the West Wing. No one except the extreme left really cares about Media Metters or what is said in Newsweek. They are just bullies and the think to do is stand up to bullies. Also arguing facts seems to work as well, since they can't argue anything and resort to calling names.

    I think they should just keep it up, every avenue of the left wing should just keep embarrassing themselves. Maybe they will implode quicker than we think and we will then be able to get this cuntry back on the right track towards retaining our civil rights and follwoing the US Constitution.

  12. You have to remember that "racist" does not mean racist. It means they are trying to get you to drop your message, stop being effective against them, and, instead, defend yourself against the charges.

    It's the nuclear weapon of rhetoric, intended to make you stop what you're doing and play their game on their turf. Like calling someone a Nazi (Godwin's Law). The charge needs to be ignored.

    Ms. Kelly is a brilliant, tough adversary; they need to stop her. The interview with Kirsten Powers, wherein Ms. Kelly plunged her fist into Ms. Powers' chest and removed her still-beating heart, was a thing of beauty we were privileged to see.

  13. It took me one minute with Google to find this now classic example of the pseudo-intellectual accusation that everyone is prejudiced, but only Whites are racist. That is the definition!

    This is asymmetric, intellectual warfare. The people who want to be good are falling for propaganda designed to control them. Socialists offer to increase the power of the state over them as an expiation of their sins. This only works because they are already good people, with the usual amount of anxiety about the world.

    This standard argument deserves to be seen in detail to be feared, opposed, and laughed at.

    The Undergirding Factor is POWER: Toward an Understanding of Prejudice and Racism
    By Caleb Rosado, Department of Urban Studies, Eastern University, Philadelphia, PA [edited, emphasis added]

    Prejudice by itself does not constitute racism, however. Neither does power by itself. But when people use their position of power, be it political or institutional, to reinforce their prejudices and to enforce them so that as a result of their racial prejudices the life chances, rights and opportunities of others are limited, the result is racism.

    Racism is prejudice plus power. While all people can be prejudiced, only those who have power are really racist. African Americans, Latinos, Asians and American Indians (the powerless in American society) can be and often are most prejudiced toward Whites on an individual basis, but they are not racists at the structural, institutional level.

    Within this understanding of racism, to be a racist you have to possess two things: 1) socioeconomic power to force others to do what you desire, and 2) the justification of this power abuse by an ideology of biological supremacy.

    What often is described as racism in society today, is really nothing more than prejudice and discrimination. While a Black or Latino person, through the use of a gun and/or intimidation, can force a White person to do as he desires, this is an individual act of aggression, not a socially structured power arrangement.

    At present, only Whites have that kind of power, reinforced by a belief in an ideology of supremacy, both of which constitute the basis of racism in America today.

    This is the message applied politically: When a Black man dislikes a White man, that is simple prejudice, a regrettable mistake. When a White man dislikes a Black man or his statements, that is Racism requiring the intervention of the government. This is the accepted Liberal view, taught at respectable universities and enforced by the government.

  14. We've been covering it on Common Cents. There are several Kelly videos including the one (Kelly vs. Powers)....


  15. We're now talking about whether Megyn Kelly is racist

    And Fox was suckered into that defensive position. Very bad tactics, Fox. Particularly with accusations of 'racist', the only defense is a good offense. Kelly should be aggressively demonstrating the racism of the accusers, not addressing the accusations against her as if they had substance.

  16. It ake me feellike a kid again. Stick and stone can brake my bones... Or my favrite, I know you are, but what am I.
    May be we should just admit we are all racise, (I'm of the American Race), get over it, and move on to what the real issue is.
    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (use the full name) just call me a racist, Kind of like the pot calling the kettle "Dark Umber"