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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Put Your Emails Where Your Mouth Is

Matthew Yglesias, who blogs at Think Progress, July 21, The Shame of the Daily Caller:
The Caller appears to have access to a very large proportion of JournoList emails and they can’t come up with anything that withstands cursory scrutiny.
The Daily Caller, July 22:

Blogger Matt Yglesias sent out a new post thread with the subject, “The line on Palin.”

“John McCain picked someone to help him politically, Barack Obama picked someone to help him govern” ...

Oh, that email.

Matthew Yglesias, more from July 21:
Nor are they willing to simply publish the full text of the pilfered emails they’re writing about, forcing their audience to instead rely on Jonathan Strong’s deliberately misleading writeups.
Put your emails where your mouth is.

No one is stopping you from releasing the full archive of emails, so that the people can reach their own unfiltered conclusions.

Update: More at HillBuzz

Update July 23, 2010: At least Andrew Sullivan is not running from the significance of the Yglesias email:
Ezra Klein's attempt to pass off JournoList as just a water-cooler confab seems pretty much exploded by this latest Daily Caller piece. I mean: what is the point of putting out an email with the subject line "The Line On Palin" if there isn't an actual line? And what is this if not organizing a media narrative .... Look: you know how appalled I was by the Palin pick, but on this issue, I have to side with the JournoList critics. If this was not an organized media campaign in the service of a political candidate, what would be?
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  1. About this topic - this is the usual for these clowns. Deny, deny, deny - lie, whatever it takes. Then, when they're caught with their pants down (figuratively speaking, of course).....not so much. More of the clam up (like the prior post says). Gee, predictable.

    Now - about your video of the day: AWESOME!!! I really appreciate the clip! I was asleep during the '80s, politically - just trying to get my degree and get ahead. This is so refreshing.....clocks the question-giver, the opponent, and the issue - all with humor! Even Mondale was laughing!!!

    I wish that we could have a leader like him again, and that we had such civil debate in the political public square. That Mondale laughed at the witty answer shows that he was able to debate, to appreciate the opponent he was facing, and treat him as a person - not an enemy target to be destroyed. Can we re-gain that? With the class-warfare, race-baiting dividers reigning today, no. With them out of power, perhaps. November is just a few weeks away......

  2. I don't find the Journolist story either very interesting or shocking. But I'm a former leftist, and have been around the Left's contempt for free speech and adolescent bullying my whole life. The big story to me would have been if there had been nothing on this journolist. Actually, the bigger story is that so many conservatives are surprised by any of this. Surprising and sad.

  3. What is damaging or noteworthy about that Yglesias comment? It doesn't strike me as anything different from what he would write publicly about the matter. More to the point, is there anything inaccurate about it? Is there a human being with a pulse who would deny the fact that McCain chose Palin to help him politically, rather than for her governing expertise?

    Though maybe Think Progress will fire Matt Yglesias after finding out he has liberal opinions.

  4. By the way, here's Palins experience:

    City councilwomen
    Governor of the vast state of Alaska where she negotiated with some of the biggest energy companies in the world
    Ethics chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

    What's Barack's experience?

    "community organizer"
    Illinois senator who only showed up occasionally

    'Nuff said.

  5. Hit the wrong button, deleted this comment by FZ by mistake:

    ""What is damaging or noteworthy about that Yglesias comment?"

    Oh, I don't know, how about the fact that he is pushing that line in lockstep with fellow journalists to unduly influence a national campaign?

    "It doesn't strike me as anything different from what he would write publicly about the matter."

    Good God, what a maroon. Talk about not getting it. The whole point is that MY, a supposedly objective journalist, was coordinating with other journalists to push a "line" about their ideological opponents with no intent to be balanced or show the other side. The point is not what these guys said, we all knew that they are left-wing propagandists to begin with, but that they were coordinating their efforts to shape national perception, something which is an egregious habit for "objective" journalists to engage in and something they swore up and down they weren't doing.

    "More to the point, is there anything inaccurate about it? Is there a human being with a pulse who would deny the fact that McCain chose Palin to help him politically, rather than for her governing expertise?"

    Oh, what a load of crap. Being a typical left wing moonbat, you whole defense of a subjective point of view being presented as objective truth is, "But it *IS* the truth!"

    If the mainstream media was right-wing biased and had coordinated to get McCain elected by coordinating efforts to expose Obama an a Marxist, would you accept conservatives defending it on the basis of, "But it's true!"? And don't bald-face lie and tell me you would. Reporters are their to report what's going on, not decide which of different opinions is the factual one.

    And your arrogance astounds me. The idiotic falsehood that Palin had no governing expertise is well debunked, yet since you and other liberal twits still believe it's true, then by God, it must be true!

    The fact is McCain choose her for BOTH, despite MY's ignorant comment to the contrary. If you can pick someone who can do the job AND help you politically, you do it, DUH! MY's whole posture that Palin could ONLY have been picked for political reasons and that she is not actually "qualified" for the job is condescending, insulting and a typical scumbag leftist smear. So no wonder you agree with it!

    And I suppose Obamas pick of Reid was not to pander to white voters and try to make his radical ticket look more moderate? Reid is a schmuck who even his Democratic colleagues in congress didn't take seriously. The fact that anyone thinks Reid has any ability to help govern is sad. Obama knew that his dirty tricks and sneaky tactics were going to get him elected, so he had nothing to lose. Too bad he could not have at least picked a VP with a freaking brain.

    And Klein and co need to shut up. The statements in the e-mail are straight forward, unambiguous and in your face. The idiotic claims that somehow they are out of context and that releasing every single Journolist email would vindicate them is an insult. And of course, none of these liars have done so. "

  6. The Daily Caller is using with Journolist, the same proven and effective strategy used with the Acorn tapes.
    1) Release a portion of what you have.
    2) Watch as the affected group screams, thrashes, and makes stupid statements.
    3) Release another portion of what you have which shows what liars the affected groups are.
    (Go to Step 2. Repeat until you run out of stuff)