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Monday, July 12, 2010

Harry Reid on Debating Sharron Angle: "Can't Hear Ya"

Harry Reid appeared for an interview on Face-to-Face with Jon Ralston.

Among the headlines, as noted by Ed Morrissey, is that Reid backed the federal government lawsuit against Arizona (in segment 4 below). After much verbal sparring with Ralston, Reid finally was pinned down, and said "sure" he supports the lawsuit, placing Reid squarely outside the mainstream of American views on the subject. So I guess Reid is an "extremist," no?

Reid played the blame Bush card - "We didn't dig this hole" was the constant refrain. Ralston asked "Do you think people are actually buying that?"

In the second segment, Reid argued that Obama should have been even more aggressive than he was in passing the health care bill. That's an argument sure to change minds.

In the third segment, Reid lashed out at Wall Street, but Ralston showed a graphic proving that Reid was one of the largest recipients of Wall Street money. Reid's response: "John, you can't try to change the subject." Reid then changed the subject, and went back to bashing Bush.

Ralston responded, "Is everything in the world George Bush's fault?" Reid's response: "Facts are nasty little things, aren't they?"

During segment 4, Ralston played Harry Reid's famous "this war is lost" speech about Iraq. Reid claims that the quotation was taken out of context. Actually, Senator, it was not, something I will be documenting this week.

Now will Harry Reid debate Sharron Angle? Previously Reid said it would be several months before he could find the time.

Ralston challenged Reid on this, at the very end of segment 4:
Ralston: We'll see ya back here for that debate on Face-to-Face with Sharron Angle?

Reid's : "Can't Hear Ya"
The "Can't Hear Ya" line should be played often, with the response being, "Can you hear us now!"

Here is segment 4:

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  1. I interpret the "can't hear ya" remark as meaning he has no plans to debate Sharron Angle. I suspect a debate will only occur as a "Hail Mary" act of desperation if he stays underwater in the polls. What a weasel.

  2. sadly enough, if the media continues to cover for him, he might remain in the senate, sadly, it is looking more as the Roman Senate in it's final days, rather than the senate of our great republic!