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Thursday, July 29, 2010

DOJ Objects To Expedited Arizona Appeal

Arizona has requested that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals set an expedited briefing schedule which would have the case fully briefed in just over one month. This is about half the time normally allotted for briefing in appeals from a preliminary injunction.

The U.S. Department of Justice has just filed an opposition to the motion, arguing that the regular schedule should be followed, which would not have the case fully briefed until October 7, 2010. DOJ stated that it did not want its usual 28 day time period shortened, even if Arizona shortened its own time for briefing.

U.S. v. Arizona - 9th Cir - U.S. Opposition to Motion to Expedite Appeal

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  1. Dude, Day By Day is about LI today, and it is AWESOME.

  2. The oxymoron that is the "Obama Justice" department wants to drag this out beyond November if they can. Gee! Wonder why??

  3. Of course, Team Obama will drag this out as long as they can, now that they've got the injunction... that accomplished all he needs in the short term, impressing the open borders crowd.

    And any possible defeats need to be delayed until after Nov 3rd, of course...

  4. This is similar to the Gulf spill in that the feds have red tape gumming up the gears of progress. This has to be the most insane issue I have ever seen in our govt!