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Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's Play "If a Tea Party Supporter Had Said That"

There are "elements" within the Democratic Party.

Frightening elements.

Don't talk to me about context. Or try to explain that the words do not mean what they appear to mean.

These were hateful words which must be taken in isolation and then attributed to all Democrats, because that is the way it is done to Tea Party supporters.

Look what the Democrats' paranoid style of politics has led to:
This is just the past week. Surely there are many more examples?

Think Progress film at 11.

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  1. Well of course it is not hateful or racist when Democrats or the Liberal Elite say things like this. They are much better educated and know what is best for everyone, if only we were all smart enough to blindly follow them down the path to our destruction. Just as da'Prez has made it clear that he wants to do away with the idea of American Exceptionalism, his party which has been so quick to throw the racist label at it's opposition is full of them itself.

  2. It's like Obama took the words right out of Margaret Sanger's mouth.

  3. Hold Up!
    I agree with you, things are scary BUT I feel that BHO has been graciouly turning his back on his progressive comrades and their agenda this week. My, oh my...Paul Krugman is trying to force him (Barry), to step in line with his progressive compadre journolistas, with his charismatic article today at the NYT. But in reality, it sounds remarkingly like a 'GIGANTIC WHINE' from lots of someones not getting their return on their investments. Tsk, tsk. It has been a very good week for the rest of us.

    Also, Mother Earth is dissapaiting the oil spill all on her glorious own. Who woulda thunk! That broad has been taking care of things for billions of years without scientists. Yikes!!!!

  4. Professor, I understand that your own pockets are stuffed with "Jewish money". In fact, I understand that you are paying for your children's education with that "Jewish money". Don't deny it.

    Sounds pretty sinister when I put it that way.

  5. People in Michigan have a chance to send President Obama a message August 3rd! http://mittromneycentral.com/2010/07/30/we-need-pete-hoekstra-as-michigans-next-governor-vote-august-3rd/

    President Obama is trying to knock down Michigan’s best chance at finally having a conservative governor, but we can’t let Obama win! The stakes of this election are simply too high!

    August 3rd is the most important day in Michigan politics in years! We need to do what we can to help make sure Michigan sends President Obama a message.

  6. Clearly the comrades posting here still do not understand the New Realities, or as George Orwell said, "All animals are equal, but some are more equal."


    Excuse me I'm off to the Two Minute Hate.