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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shocked - Think Progress Misleading Anti-Tea Party Video

Think Progress is possibly the worst of the worst when it comes to twisting words and sentences out of context to accuse anyone who opposes the Obama agenda of being violent and racist.

It is what Think Progress, with its large budget, does best.

Think Progress had great influence on the NAACP's decision to condemn Tea Parties as racist. The photos relied upon by the NAACP were provided by Think Progress, as was a video Think Progress just released to prove that Tea Parties are racist.

But Right Klik, Confederate Yankee, and Left Coast Rebel have done a good job of dissecting the video. Some of the people in the video were not part of the Tea Party, others had their words so severely edited as to take the words out of context, and one of the people in the video was kicked out of a Tea Party rally because of his words.

In other words, Think Progress almost single-handedly has created the phony perception of Tea Party racism through misleading coverage.

Great job, creeps.

Update: Keep checking the links above, as they update the investigation. More and more evidence is coming out that some of the people in the video were plants and others were not even at Tea Party rallies (for example, one was from an unrelated 2006 event, before the Tea Party movement even started).

I demand that NAACP condemn Think Progress.

Update No. 2: For some history on infiltration of Tea Party rallies by anti-Tea Party instigators trying to create racial incidents, check out Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies and BUSTED!: "Obama As Hitler" Poster Was A Democrat/Union Plant At John Dingell Townhall! UPDATED with video interview! (via this excellent article, Is The Tea Party Racist?)

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  1. I wonder if George Soros, the Sandlers, and Peter Lewis know or care that John Podesta is using their money to effectively engage in fraud?

  2. Thanks for the link! What a story...

  3. Blaming your racism on "infiltrators" is almost worse than the racism itself. Kudos to those who at least stand by their racist principles instead of the "closet" crowd who deny it despite evidence to the contrary.