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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Greenwald Agonistes

Unlike some, I have not devoted myself to studying the writings of Glenn Greenwald. Others have devoted the time, because Greenwald has such a large following at Salon.com.

I did, however, write about Greenwald's absurd coverage of the Islamist-inspired, Turkish-led Gaza flotilla, particularly Greenwald's offensive use of the term "Israel-Firsters" in connection the Turkish-led Gaza flotilla.

That term or the equivalent is a favorite of the old anti-Semitic right, the new anti-Semitic left, and people like Greenwald who are not anti-Semitic but who can't help but dabble in the anti-Semitic verbiage of dual loyalty directed towards American Jewish supporters of Israel.

The irony is that the vast majority of Americans are "Israel-Firsters" using Greenwald's definition. In fact, many American Christians are far more so than many American Jews, particularly American Jews reared in liberal orthodoxy.

So rather than belaboring Greenwald's belabored existence, I suggest you read The Paper Greenwald at The New Ledger. Then read Greenwald's response (one of many, I'm sure).

Then vomit, you'll feel better.

Off-topic: Did you hear the one about how Max Blumenthal thinks it's great that Palestinians send their young children to confront Israeli soldiers? How cool is that?

Added: It's actually worse than that. One of the people in the video appears to be an Israeli leftist taunting the soldiers that he will see them in the international court of justice; the whole incident was a set up so that people like Blumenthal could write about how Israeli soldiers face off against children.

Update: Here is background on the Israeli leftist in the video, h/t Martin Solomon of Solomonia.

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  1. Some background on one of those leftists:

  2. Please explain this term to me: "Israeli leftist." Is this someone who is Jewish who lives in Israel, or just anyone who lives in Israel - say, a "Palestinian" who lives in Israel? If Jewish, how can that person want the destruction of Israel? I suppose it is like those here who hate the USA.....but Israel is such a miracle country, blessed and free! My brain is so befuddled these days from all these self-hating, twisted-thinking, kool-aid-drinking leftists; I am having trouble wrapping my head around this insanity.

  3. Off topic, but i figure you would interested...

    Obama is now saying that gee, maybe he isn't getting along with isreal because his middle name is Hussein.

    Yes, really.


    There are times when i refer to this guy as, pardon my language, President A--hole. because to be blunt, sometimes he is a real a--hole. i would spell it out, but i don't want your blog to be flagged for language.

  4. I didn't want to puke after reading, "The Paper Greenwald". I wanted to give the author a high five. Thanks for linking to it.

  5. Greenwald uses the term "neocon" or "neoconservative" SIXTEEN TIMES in that silly screed, LMAO.

  6. I've gotta say, boy can Greenwald type!

  7. Poor Greenwald.

    Every once in a great while, he writes a post that doesn't require the Progressive retardation to enjoy.

    But, it's been such a long time since that's happened.

  8. Greenwald? You mean Rick Ellensburg? Sprezzatura? If you don't recognize those names, that's what search engines are for.

    Like Andrew Sullivan, he's one of those people that - well - I just don't understand why anybody cares what he thinks.

  9. "The irony is that the vast majority of Americans are "Israel-Firsters" using Greenwald's definition. In fact, many American Christians are far more so than many American Jews, particularly American Jews reared in liberal orthodoxy."

    ... and many atheists as myself once I learned the actual history of the region. It's kinda obvious who the bad guys are in this but not so clear why one should be involved when one sees even the "good" side doing bad things. I think it becomes crystal clear that such is forgivable given the actual history and all the attempts by the Jews to be reasonable, and beyond reasonable. They just can't leave themselves open to murder by these insane Palestinians.