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Monday, July 19, 2010

Should Elena Kagan Be Confirmed? (Poll)

If you were voting:

Should Elena Kagan be confirmed?
No, but Republicans should NOT filibuster
No, and Republicans should filibuster
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  1. I said this over at althouse, but these are my problems with her.

    First, she is an awful advocate. Anyone claiming she can win kennedy should look at how she lost him in citizens united.

    Second, she comes off as a bureaucrat rather than a thinker.

    Third, I have come to think she isn’t very smart. The moment that crystallized it for me was the “eat your vegetables law” hypothetical. She cited no constitutional difficulty with a law requiring Americans to eat a certain number of vegetables, and indicated that she would uphold it. Either she didn’t know the constitutional issue was there, or she thought she was being cute by side stepping it, but in doing so she made us think that she would uphold it. So either she was too slow to get the point of the question, or she told a stupid lie, in either case she is too stupid.

    Now I have long said that because of the first issue, I supported her as the best case scenario for conservatives—an unpersuasive liberal. But I cannot support a dullard for the supreme court.

  2. Given all that you've written, and what she demonstrated in her hearings, she is grossly unqualified for the lifetime appointment as a Supreme Court Justice.

    Most believe this is a fait accompli, but it should not be. This is an issue that should be made to show courage of the principled Republicans.....oh, never mind. *sigh*

  3. They'll never filibuster her. The "Gang of 14" made sure only conservatives get filibustered.

    The drunk and the plagarist helped make sure Robert Bork will forever be a footnote in history, but Elana Kagan will be actively pulling the country leftward for the next 40 years.

  4. Republicans should explain that they're playing by the President's rules on filibustering judicial appointees.

  5. I really can't tell if the Republicans in congress are spineless, profoundly ignorant or just lacking in anything resembling integrity -- maybe it's all three for a Trifecta of Fecklessness. In any case, I haven't seen them offer up a credible fight over any Democrat issues.

    They won't do diddly squat in terms of an affirmative fight against the Kagan nomination. She's a done deal.

  6. She was a creature of Manhattan’s liberal, intellectual Upper West Side, also shes very smart..By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions and 4 play games here is the topic about Elena:......