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Friday, July 30, 2010

They're Losing It

The Democrats have a new hero, now that Alan Grayson is so yesterday:

Update 8:30 p.m.: Sorry I couldn't update this sooner, but I've been in the car almost all afternoon. The good news is that while in the car I heard Weiner and Peter King on Hannity's radio show debating the legislation (concerning additional funds for 9/11 responders) which gave rise to Weiner's rant. The short story is that the rant was all for show; the Democrats have the votes to pass the bill (255 total) but have decided to use a special procedure that would shut out any amendments but requires 290 votes, which they don't have.

Allahpundit explains the background and why the Democrats did not want any amendments offered.

Weiner is a pathetic joke. He and the Democrats deliberately are not passing legislation so that they can run commercials in the fall about how the bad Republicans would not vote to help 9/11 responders.

Here is an earlier video explaining Weiner's stunt:

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  1. Seriously, this guy has a drug problem.

  2. I'm worried about Weiner. He's starting to look like C. Montgomery Burns. Has he had enough to eat lately? Give the poor guy a sandwich!

  3. All that pent up energy and he just got married. Hmmmmmm, something doesn't add up.

  4. The Honorable Congressman from NY-9 is aptly named.

  5. Weiner is a nutcase for sure and maybe a dangerous one. Strikes me as a punk who's acting tough to overcome a deep sense of inferiority. Anyway, THIS speech of his on the House floor was so over the top that it actually made me think of THIS


    (and I'm not one to make this sort of comparison casually just for the polemical punch):

  6. I dunno, reminded more of this one:


    Stark raving lunatic.

  7. I wonder if Anthony Weiner's new wife - former Hillary assistant Huma Abedin -- realizes it's only a matter of time before he freaks out like that on her.

    (Yeah, I know. "Huma Weiner." Seems like the entire Clinton universe is a self-writing joke.)