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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Night Card Game (Is This The Week The Dream Died?)

This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

I have a dream.

That the week will arrive when the race card will not have been played. And I will have nothing about which to write on a Saturday night.

I will cling bitterly to this dream, even though the events of this past week make it seem as if the dream is dying, if not dead:

  • Jesse Jackson accused the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers of treating LeBron James like a slave;
  • The NAACP jumped the race card shark in smearing the Tea Party movement as racist;
  • Think Progress was caught with its race card playing pants down by issuing a misleading video of supposed Tea Party racism; and
  • The nutroots attempted to pin the racist label on Megyn Kelly.
Rather than focusing on the depressing racial antagonism being instigated by the left-wing, I will keep hope alive by injecting some levity into the situation.

A view of the race card from on top of Mount Mockery, not down in the humorless weeds.

How often we hear the assertion that because most Tea Party participants are white, criticism of Obama by the Tea Party movement must be racist.

This macabre obsession with skin color on the left results in such stupid dog tricks as counting the number of non-white people in the crowds at Sarah Palin book signings.

The Dallas Tea Party has put together this video (h/t HotAir) of a major news network dominated by white anchors whose criticism of Obama could -- using the logic of the race card players -- be claimed to reflect racism.

Mock away. It is the best medicine:

Update 7-18-2010: David Limbaugh, Obama's The "Most" Racial President.

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  1. Love that video! Great way to bring the truth to light - and expose the toxic smears for what they are.

    Your dream is still alive, and it will see many MANY close calls and dark moments during this administration, whose goal is to divide and then conquer We The People.

  2. Wow. No wonder the Left is losing so badly. Is this faux-racism garbage really the best they've got? If so, it's going to be a really bad November for them.

  3. Notice Carvelle's emotional plea followed by Garafolo's limbic brain comment. Let's see: liberals' limbic brain does not control emotions; their superior brains use reasoning and rationality in place of emotions. Carville was just acting. It explains the collective left's concern that Obama didn't seem passionate enough about the oil spill, but what about the tears during the campaign of Obama supporters like Oprah? Were do tears come from if not emotion, and emotion, the brain? Onions? Creased pant legs? The butt?

    Garafalo, the pseudo psychiatrist (women and blacks who are conservative suffer from the Stockhold syndrome), stikes again.