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Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank You, Oh Sticky Ones

TaxProf blog has posted the latest law professor blog rankings, and I'm heartened to see that I have moved up to No. 7 in visitors and No. 8 in page views (on a trailing 12 month basis).

But traffic statistics are just one measurement, and can be highly dependent -- as I am -- upon the kindness of others who link.

In many ways, an equally important measurement is "stickiness," or how long people stay on the site once they visit.  Having a lot of readers who simply click through from another link and then leave quickly doesn't speak well to a blog which is focused on content (as opposed to an aggregator of links).

So TaxProf also has published the list of Stickiest Law Prof Blogs, and on that list I come in at No. 4, with visitors spending an average of 2.63 minutes here.

 In internet time, 2.63 minutes is like forever.

So thanks, Oh Sticky Ones for hanging around and reading.

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  1. Dear Professor

    I admit I am a sticky one and I think I am one who helps drive up the average time on site because I read the posts and sometimes even read the comments. Reading the comments on most sites is dicey because so many (from all kinds of extremes) are either unhinged or trolling as
    The Unhinged. I like reading a conservative lawyer because so many of the issues today have a legal twist that is worth comprehending. Thanks


  2. I, too, came via a link. Instanpundit, I think. Maybe Volokh.com. Anyway, I not only stuck to read the article, I've not made you a regular site on my to-visit list.

    Thank you for keeping me entertained while thinking.

  3. Do those numbers count time spent in Readers? Is that even trackable? Because I don't come to your site much, but get every post in my reader.

  4. Do they figure in RSS feeds?

    I seldom click through, unless I'm really interested in the comments, but subscribing would mean that you've got constant readers....

  5. I've been called Maggot and I've been called late for dinner.

    But I've never been called sticky before.

  6. Thanks for the Blog of the Day nod. I am not worthy!

  7. I had Michelle Malkin's site as my home page for many years, but starting last year or so, I found myself spending more and more time here, with the usual brilliant posts and all the extra links down the left side of the page.

    I made Legal Insurrection my new home page about four months ago. Its the first thing I peek at in the morning after I fetch my coffee, and often the last thing I check before going to sleep.


  8. i wouldn't get to excited there Perfesser: its a well known fact that all us ignernt racist Teabaggers are booger eating, knuckle dragging morons who move our lips when we look at pictures, let alone words, so the dwell time is likely a function of that, not interest in the subject.

    enjoy the rankings anyway, while you can. i would expect a "Ranking Fairness" doctrine from the FCC any day....

  9. I usually visit Legal Insurrection at least two or three times a day, and probably for 5 minutes total, pending on the length of your articles. I would like to address Obi and You - My website, is worthy of linking, and would appreciate it. LOL

  10. Stuck on yer blog and lovin' it. Always engaging, fun and funny, backed up with facts, ma'am, just the facts, and I find myself agreeing with everything you say. What's wrong with me?

  11. The best conservative Ithaca blogger deserves 2.63 minutes of my time every day.