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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama Tied With Palin, But Leads Jan Brewer

There is a silver lining for Democrats in recent PPP polling of hypothetical 2012 matchups.

Obama trails Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich by low single digits, and is tied with Sarah Palin.

That last one must have Andrew Sullivan spinning while he waddles in his tidal pool.

Palin v. Obama may come down to how many felons Democrats can get to vote in Minnesota.

But there is good news, according to PPP.

Obama still leads Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, 44-36. But don't get too excited, Dems, Brewer leads among independents, 38-37.

Polling message to Dems: Try to get Republicans to nominate Jan Brewer, it's your best chance.

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  1. Jan Brewer a president? Not a chance. I'm an AZ native and love the illegal alien battle she's fighting, but that's the ONLY thing she's got going for her. If it weren't for 1070, she wouldn't be put back into office (as it is, everyone else has dropped out of the race - it's become all about the illegals, and no one can argue that with her).

  2. Love Palin but she should not run for President. She should keep doing what she's doing, and if a Republican does win the Presidency, she should be put in a Sec State or RNC head position.

  3. Shirley Elizabeth...I am SO SORRY to hear that. I take your word for it, since you live in AZ. I was hoping for much more out of Ms. Brewer than the EXCELLENT stand she is taking in trying to get the Feds to enforce the law!

  4. "That last one must have Andrew Sullivan spinning while he waddles in his tidal pool."

    Hahahah!!! What a laugh!!! Thanks, I needed that. ;)

  5. Love the suggestion. Any other female candidates besides Palin for 2012?

  6. I see that the Romney trolls are quite busy with their Palin bashing.

    Forget about Palin for RNC chair.... it will be Palin in 2012 for President...

    Romney will not get the necessary majority to be the candidate. Neither will Huckabee because Huckabee is a loser... actually on religious grounds alone he would be an extremely bad choice in the role of POTUS....