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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Beginning To Feel Like August 2009, Again

It's beginning to feel like the hot August of 2009, again.

You can feel it. A growing discontent with the top-down, big government, free-spending, patronizing, arrogant ways of Washington, D.C.

If that were all there were, it would merely be another year.

What kicked off the hotly debated town halls of last summer was the attempt by Democratic leaders to stifle debate by calling health care protesters violent extremists, terrorists, and racists.

I've compared the situation to placing a lid tightly on a boiling pot. Rather than engaging in open debate, Democrats sought to demonize law abiding citizens. The reaction was not violence, but verbal confrontation at town halls.

We're seeing it again. As documented here dozens of times, the past year has seen Democrats jump the race card shark. The NAACP resolution painting Tea Parties as racist was the last card.

Aided, abetted, and in some cases instigated, by groups like Think Progress and Media Matters and their followers in the left-wing blogosphere, Democrats have launched a wholesale attempt to isolate and ostracize those who disagree with the Obama agenda. We are seeing it daily in the ridiculous attacks on Sharron Angle and other candidates challenging Democratic leaders.

The problem for the Democrats is that poll after poll shows that the people they seek to ostracize are, in fact, a majority of Americans who have seen the failure of the Democrats and are frustrated with the disconnect.

How many Democrats will hold town halls this summer?

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  1. I must agree -- I posted about this summer of discontent yesterday, focusing on a Town Hall that erupted against a California congressman who claimed to be ignorant of the DOJ/Shabazz debacle.

    They're just gonna keep fueling the fire . . . . Hopefully.

  2. They're reaching the news audience, not regular Americans.

    The news audience is into soap opera news, which is what is produced to attract them while their eyes are sold to advertisers.

    It's not a great business model, but it's the only one around.

    A lot isn't going to make sense unless this is taken into account.

  3. Democrats have decided to double down on smear campaigning and go for a base election. They also plan to have ACORN and the Holder Justice Department steal any close elections to limit their losses.

    This will please the government-controlled press (which has been lapping it up and has lately been pushing for an all-out race war), but will damage the Democrat Party's standing with independents for decades to come.

    On the other hand ...this may not be a bad strategy after all. The GOP is a noted bunch of spineless cowards, and crooks like Bennett, Graham and Inglis have faithfully read from the script the media has provided. So it may work after all.

  4. For me, it feels like 1692. Race hustlers and their useful idiots have been accusing people of racism just like those mad girls in Salem Massachusetts accused people of witchcraft. The accusations were greeted with complete credulity, were nearly impossible to rebut, and lives were destroyed. And you know what brought the Salem Witch Trials to an abrupt halt? The girls accused the Governor's wife of witchcraft. They went too far.

    Has the NAACP finally gone too far?

  5. poll after poll? care to link?

  6. The lies and the spin no longer work their charm. We can all see who is naked in our society.

    Call me a racist if you insist. You know - I don't even care because I know I am not a racist, and I know most Americans aren't either.

    I also know that the American left is morally and intellectually bankrupt, so they have to fall back on the only tool they have left which is to call others racist.

    How utterly pathetic they all are. Go now, before the people take hold of you and throw you out with the trash that you have become.

  7. @flanders I don't have the link immediately available, but the NYT did a poll that showed precisely what the prof says. I imagine with your mad Google skillz you could find it easily.

    Not that you'd believe a RightWing bunch like the NYT, I'd guess.

  8. We need more mama grizzlies like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. Republican women have more balls than republican men do. Of course, it's never wise to mess with a mama (of any species) protecting her young. And that's exactly what us ladies are doing. I have 7 grandchildren whose futures are being directly impacted by the dimocrats and obama. Go ahead and call me racist. Then ask me if I care.

  9. This gambit kinda reminds me of the way the old USSR used to define all dissidents as "crazy" (becuase only a NUT wouldn't like living under their wonderful benevolent socialist dictatorship.)

    Unfortunately for the Party of Carter, this strategy is all they got. There is no Plan B. Doing a mea culpa now will not gain them anything; in fact, it will make people MADDER as they knew the Dims were wrong for over a year. But it's too late now to do anything that might produce an improvement (even if they had anybody with the intellectual capacity to THINK of something.) So crying "racism" is all they got. If there's any justice, this plan will stick a fork in the Democraps, Obama and race-baiting for years to come.