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Sunday, July 11, 2010

You Can't Out-Bumper-Sticker Oregon, or Can You?

And I thought Ithaca had bumper stickers gone wild fever.  A reader (the Good Doctor) sent a link to this photo of a car from Oregon:

Is it time for a Bumper Stickers from Hell contest?  Would there be a better name for the contest?

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  1. My favorite one was some hippie neighbor's "No War For Oil" -- pasted on her SUV.

  2. I've always liked those "Nobody died when Clinton lied" type stickers. I guess to some folks Rwandans aren't people. That has always been my take-away, anyway.

    To be fair, after Somalia few had the stomach to intervene in Africa. But that certainly doesn't mean it didn't happen.

  3. There has been research that linked bumper stickers to territorial aggression. Therefore I suggest the term BumperWars.

  4. Something's missing - where's the Obama '08 sticker on that car!?! ;)

    I think a contest is a great idea - there's a car here that is covered with bumper stickers....including a Soviet flag. :/ That one might be the most "hellish" - haha!

  5. You should check out the East Side of Milwaukee sometime. At least this bad.

  6. The Willamette Valley from the confluence of the Willamette River at the Columbia is pretty much an idiot locker. At least until one gets to the Sexton Hill north of Grant's Pass in the Rogue River country.

  7. Hey! I saw my first anti-Obama sticker today! It was awesome! I'm afraid to put one on because of where I have to park (very liberal, that's all I'm saying) and I fear for my car.

  8. Deekman, been to U Madison lately? Gawd, I had to take a shower when I left that place! But it's pretty similar to any major college campus these days...

  9. I no longer own a car (job has sent me to a foreign land) but my last car I had a "bumper stickers are not the answer" bumper sticker.

  10. Let's get a contest going! I love the idea and the name.

    Looks like the stickers are moving up their way to the back windshield though. I wonder how much backlash or support this driver has received while on the roads.

  11. In digesting the multi bumper sticker phenom and the people who do this, I've concluded that the cheese has slid off their cracker; each sticker is a prescription for one year of therapy.

    That- or they are intolerant buckets of gall bent on imposing their world view on me. Either way, no one I'm having over for beer.

  12. As someone from the Portland area, this, while not typical, is also not the worst I have seen. I have pointed out to several of my friends that these people are almost ALWAYS liberal. Though I have wondered if it is different in more conservative states/areas.