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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Announcement Of The Death Of Sharron Angle's Campaign Is Premature

Jon Ralston, a Nevada journalist, has announced the death of Sharron Angle's campaign.

Do not believe it. Not for a second.

I don't know Ralston, other than watching him interview Angle and Harry Reid. My impression is that he is very keyed into Nevada politics, but he also is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame way too much. His interviews asked good questions, but in a flamboyant and domineering way which called attention not so much to the answers, but to Ralston himself.

I'm not prepared to declare Ralston to be the Geraldo of Nevada yet, but his death announcement appears to be a dramatic call for people to pay attention to .... Ralston.

Ralston's death announcement has given the Reid machine another tool to try to demoralize the opposition.

And the best way for Reid to win is to keep those who hate him -- about as many as who like him -- at home because they don't see any chance of Angle winning.

Unfortunately, some of the major conservative blogs (you know who you are) are buying into this spin, just as they did in the early days of the Scott Brown campaign.

Hugh Hewitt nails it precisely:
Angle has already absorbed the worst the Reid-MSM machine can throw at her, and her bank account is swelling even as voter anger at the Reid tactics grows. Angle needs to keep smiling, keep talking about the unemployment rate and the deficit, and keep pointing to Reid's record as the president's faithful lieutenant.

Voters in 2010 know the stakes, and they know Harry. And that is Sharron Angle's secret weapon.

After weeks of non-stop ads attacking Angle and several million dollars spent, the Reid campaign has managed to increase Angle's negatives, but not to increase Reid's positives very much.

Anyone who buys into and spouts the meme that the Reid-Angle race is over is a tool. Of the Reid campaign.

Update: Angle has just released her first "positive" television advertisement. Much damage has been done to her image by the Reid campaign, but it is not too late at all for her to reintroduce herself. If played properly, Angle could use the over-the-top Reid attacks as further proof that Reid has nothing to offer other than more of the same:

Update No. 2: Was the Reid surge a desert mirage? PPP has just released a poll showing Reid up only by two points, concluding that while Reid has made substantial progress, " It should be a tightly contested race right on through November."

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  1. It's ironic that the Left is declaring the death of Sharron Angle's campaign right below the post where you show emails by the Journolist coaching each other to do this exact thing.

  2. I find the purveyor of second amendment remedies highly offensive and indefensible. Anybody could easily beat the Senator from the most unemployed state but her. See this poll.

    Even if she wins, she is an embarrassment in the same vein as McConnell, Bunning, DeMint, etc. I wish she dropped out.

  3. Republicans. It's never their fault.

    It's the big bad liberal media that's sinking Angle's campaign. It's got nothing to with her extreme paleo-conservative ideas and the crazy that falls out of her mouth every time she opens it.

    Angle is a great litmus test for the far right-wing nutters out there.

  4. Hey davemartin like all other liberal progressive democrats (socialists) you are able to say very ignorant statements like you are a smart man.

    What is being told by your own submission is the extent of yours and all like yours ignorance ( lack of knowledge).

    Why is America a unique Republic and not a democracy? What is America's separation of powers? What are they meant to protect? What virtues gave Americans their sense of SELF RELIANCE? What is the job of the congress, what is the job of the senate? Why do we have a supreme court. Why are our individual states sovereign? Get informed before you spout off with your uninformed emotional rhetoric that is no more beneficial for America than the morning "c..." you took today in the form of a comment. In reality you ought to be ashamed of yourself and embarrassed for your lack of knowledge of how our own Government was formed and how it is supposed to operate.