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Sunday, July 25, 2010

What William F. Buckley, Jr. Would Say About The Journolist

"I am obliged to confess I should sooner live in a society governed by the first 400 names in the Boston telephone directory, than in a society governed by the 400 members of the Journolist."

From iOwnTheWorld (click for ever increasing and updated photo montage)(via Instapundit):

[Note to readers, this is just part of the montage at iOwnTheWorld; since their photo keeps changing, my links to it go bad, so I've just posted a snapshot.]

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  1. This is the same group of people who will tell you:

    Fox News is all lies.

    Climategate is much ado about nothing and everyone has been cleared.

    The economy really IS getting better!

    Sarah Palin is stupid.

    Capitalism, freedom, and Democracy are so yesterday.

  2. The powers that be should push for criminal investigations of these "people". They should push for treason as that would be the punishment that fits what they have done. They have committed an act of treason against this nation and their punishment should fit their crime. Then and only then would we see a breathtaking change in journalism.

  3. 101 of 400. And several are now either in the administration or carrying water for it. Coincidence?


    How many other "interesting" names should we expect to see?

  4. Itzvestia and Pravda. JournoLists are to journalism what Pravda and Itzvestia are to legitimate newspapers. This bunch are nothing more than writers for the house organs of the New Democratic Communist Party. Anyone who takes anything they write seriously is either a fool or a communist.

  5. Wish that was my competition weekends in singles bars....

  6. @David ROFL. Ever notice the smarter and better looking folks are generally on the Right. Especially the Women.

  7. Buckley was right. New Yorkers had the brains, a long time ago to elect his brother as the CONSERVATIVE US senator.
    Now look at the quality of the material representing the empire state! It's not gonna change unless we take up the cause ourselves- Washington and MSM will not do a thing.

    Tell at least 10 friends about this blog. Post your comments not just here, but on the NYT and washington post websites so those folks who've drunk the kool-aid can see what they've been missing!

  8. Is it a racist thing to say that the new faces of PRAVDA reads like a directory of a co-op on (Manhattan's) Upper West Side where the laws of economics, unintended consequences and gravity just do not apply?

    This Cartel of Propagandists and Deinformationistas pose an even greater and immediate threat to our Republic than (D) Congress for systematically destroying the market of informed debate by feeding the electorate their poison candies on class warfare, stimulus, healthcare, illegal aliens, public unions, Israel, etc.

    We should all rally against these saboteurs of public opinion as much as the big government whom they served.

    An observation from their motherland.

  9. Hey, Professor, why not ask whether there were any Black people on JournoList, or Latinos. The pics you've published of known JournoListers looks like an lily-white club to me (except for the one Asian guy). Here you have people talking about accusing random conservatives of racism for political purposes -- yet, liberal journalism seems to be a white man's club (not too many women either, eh?).