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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yes, Liberal Journalists Did Manipulate The 2008 Election

I'll admit it, I was wrong about The Daily Caller when I called it a failure several months ago.

In the past months The Daily Caller has done a good job on a variety of issues, particularly exposing the Journolist, a group of liberal mainstream media reporters and bloggers.

We all knew the mainstream media to be in cahoots with the Democratic Party, and the liberal blogosphere even more so.

But the e-mails obtained by The Daily Caller reveal an even more sordid conspiracy.

In 2008, the Journolist was intimately involved in trying to squelch the Reverend Wright controversy by smearing opponents of Barack Obama as racist:

In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent urged his colleagues to deflect attention from Obama’s relationship with Wright by changing the subject. Pick one of Obama’s conservative critics, Ackerman wrote, “Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists." ...

[quoting Ackerman's e-mail, the article continues]

I do not endorse a Popular Front, nor do I think you need to. It’s not necessary to jump to Wright-qua-Wright’s defense. What is necessary is to raise the cost on the right of going after the left. In other words, find a rightwinger’s [sic] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear. Obviously I mean this rhetorically.

And I think this threads the needle. If the right forces us all to either defend Wright or tear him down, no matter what we choose, we lose the game they’ve put upon us. Instead, take one of them — Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists. Ask: why do they have such a deep-seated problem with a black politician who unites the country? What lurks behind those problems? This makes *them* sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction.

Towards the end of the 2008 election, I wrote:

But the race card has worked again. McCain is afraid to attack the Wright/Obama connection for fear of being called racist.

It is the stifling of legitimate debate which is fueling anger throughout the country. We are on the verge of electing a president who built his political career on the backs of race-baiters and anti-american zealots, and we can't talk about it out of fear of being called "racist."

The suppression of legitimate political expression through false accusations of racism by the Obama campaign and its supporters is the defining theme of the 2008 campaign. This tactic, while it may be successful, is shameful and has damaged our society in ways we may not understand for years.

The story is not just that liberal journalists are a bunch of conspiring liars and frauds.

The real story is that liberal journalists manipulated the 2008 election by actively campaigning in secret for Barack Obama, and stifling debate on critical issues by smearing opponents as racist.

This is no joke. We now are paying the price, both in the destruction of our economy and standing in the world, and the continued race-card playing antics of groups like Think Progress and the NAACP. The race card tactic was so successful in 2008, that it is being tried again and again.

Don't get mad, get even ... at the polls. Remember November.

Update: Another must read, Thomas Sowell, Race Card Fraud

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  1. "The real story is that liberal journalists manipulated the 2008 election by actively campaigning in secret for Barack Obama, and stifling debate on critical issues by smearing opponents as racist."

    The real story, which you are referring to, is that the Right caved. We caved like spineless parents of rebellious adolescent children and have allowed them to take over the house. And the more we cave the more the left steps up their attack...partly because it works and partly because our silence convinces many of them that they're right.

  2. We need a similar, one-word, accusative label that unmasks the phonyness behind most claims that someone is "racist," "sexist," or "homophobic." Everybody knows that 99 percent of such claims are phony (including the people making them, as seen in the Journolist messages - the people making the accusations explicitly suggested simply calling someone a racist absent any evidence).

  3. The important lesson here is that the "race card" is a lie, the left knows it, and even admit it to each other when they think no one else is listening.

    So we should cave no more.

  4. "The real story is that liberal journalists manipulated the 2008 election by actively campaigning in secret for Barack Obama, and stifling debate on critical issues by smearing opponents as racist."

    Arrrrggghhhh! Okay, professor, please tell me just how, legally, can these lying propagandists be held accountable? That is what burns me - they do this, out in the open even - and they KNOW there is nothing that can or will be done to them. "Freedom of the press!" "Absence of malice!" they cry. Well, if malice can be shown like this, then will the law be able to reach them?!

  5. "Don't get mad, get even... at the polls."

    I could not disagree more.

    The acts we're seeing described in the JournoList emails should be criminal. The men involved should serve jail time. They are enemies of the public. They have a position protected by law for the purpose of serving the public, and they abused it.

    And if the entire Democratic party approves of this sort of malfeasance, which they do --

    Tell me, what is the point of playing a game with an opponent that you know is cheating, and that intends to use the outcome of the game to harm you? If you know he's cheating and you know his intent is to harm you, why play?

    The Democratic party is a criminal enterprise engaged in deliberately dismantling American liberty for the sake of obtaining personal and aggregate power. They're deliberately stacking the game so they'll never lose. This is not just one or two of them; the entire entireprise is aimed at this outcome.

    So, why play? Divide the nation NOW. Let them have their progressive nation, and we'll have our conservative one. Theirs will last all of 20 years, and then collapse in ruin.

    The mechanics are not impossible. Simply divide into Red and Blue. The people will sort themselves out over time (until the Blue nation puts up barbed wire with guards to prevent the drain of manpower...)

    It makes no sense to try to win this at the polls. The best we can obtain at the polls is a neutral outcome, until they regroup and deceive the public again. The Democratic party is corrupt to the core. We need to separate ourselves from them, for our own safety.

  6. Eh, I think you were right to criticize Daily Caller when you did. But I've noticed the improvement over there too.

  7. they should all be fired. finally, busted! the liberal media bias has been proved.

  8. "Don't get mad, get even... at the polls."

    Pardon me, but this is falling into the same old mannered trap. That is, they smear and kneecap us, and we turn up our noses (from our supine position) and politely call for... a referendum. Nothing wrong with voting, but until the Right learns to fight back, nothing will change. As Angelo Codevilla remarked near the end of his excellent essay, "The Ruling Class," we need to attack them, to attack their fundamental claims to superior intellect and morality, in ways that break their spirit and lift our own. We need to attack their own moral being and legitimacy as they have attacked and successful undermined our own. This does not happen primarily at the polling stations. It happens in the culture. It takes far more balls than going into a voting booth. And it takes people of a steeliness and ferocity far greater than Mitch McConnell or Orrin Hatch or George Will.

  9. The problem I see here is that we finally have a 'smoking gun' regarding the rampant bias in the media but when it comes down to it, who will report this find?

    The liberal media?

    It's up to us that cherish our freedoms....

  10. Nothing wrong in criticizing the Daily Caller when then criticism is justly due.

    Nothing wrong in giving the Daily Caller kudos when kudos are due.

    Is that not part and parcel the way we raise children? ...and reform bad behavior such as that which lead to the election of Obama as a result of Bush running a foul of public opinion and thus creating fertile ground for Obama's election?

    Conservationism is not without some faults and Liberalism is not without some virtues.

    But Obama era Liberalism is a road to disaster.

    I am a dyed-in-the-wool Tea Party supporter... throw out the Liberals and keep the Conservative Office Holders on the straight and narrow else replace them with better Conservatives.

    In my well considered opinion, Progressive-ism is a disease infecting the United States.

  11. I routinely get accused of being a conspiracy theorist on blogs so it is reassuring to see you using that word Professor.

    Speaking of conspiracies, why isn't the following story not the biggest story of the last ten years?


    Wachovia gets caught laundering almost $400B dollars of Mexican drug cartel money (one-third of the Mexican economy) and not a blip anywhere in the media?

    How many times have I tried to explain why banks insist on being "too big to fail"? Why do they have to be big at all? They keep citing "international competitiveness" as the reason but is money laundering that reason?

    Think snakes eating pigs. Drug cartel money is a very big pig to swallow and banks have to be very big snakes indeed to swallow such pigs without being detected. God knows that bankers and regulators aren't interested in doing their jobs when it comes to that kind of money.

  12. i wonder, did ackerman ever call any conservative commentators a racist.

    it would seem this email would be proof of malice, which is most likely necessary in a defamation suit.

  13. Here's one case of Spencer Ackerman using the racist slur:


    the washington independent is down today, no doubt other's like me trying to find others.

  14. When the GOP regains the Exec Branch in 2012 (after taking back the Leg branch this year), can the DOJ go after the JournoListers?

    And when the GOP owns the Exec branch, they can call ezra klein to open up his records on the JournList.

    It will be a fun few years, if you're not a liberal (or hiding your Liberalism) journalist.

    Eeap the whirlwind folks, fun times ahead.