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Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Imposter (at FoxNation)

Once again, someone is using the username "Legal Insurrection" to post comments elsewhere, this time at FoxNation. For the record, that person is not me, and is not authorized to use the name "Legal Insurrection."

The last time, it was as HuffPo, and I convinced HuffPo to shut him/her down.

I've notified FoxNation, as well.

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  1. So what you're writing is working. Keep up the awesome work sir!

  2. I've had a couple of these types too, Professor Jacobson. In fact, I had a troll that 'had it out' for me so bad that he formed his own blog (it was terrible) that he called the Un-Left Coast Rebel.

    At first it was a bit jarring but in the end I found it to be a sign of success. However it is quite different when a troll tries to assume your identity.

  3. This must be gratifying in a sense, at least - your influence has increased to the point where someone feels a need to try to discredit you.

  4. Bill dear...

    It is worth the time to beat these posers to the punch. Go to all the websites you value and register your username there. That is what I do... and started with getting a commenting accounts at HuffPo and wikipedia.

    Yeah... I was actually attacked by leftists who were using wikipedia for their attacks.

  5. Left Coast Rebel,

    You too?

    iReports.com must have flatlined at least 50 fake user accounts trying to pose as me with similar names and a few of these trolls got surprised when they found I beat them to the punch by going on the defense and registering at sites before they tried to use my username.

    One created a wordpress account to try to spoof me but it fell on it's face and he gave up.

    Ignoring them is such good medicine as they exist for the purpose of getting attention from their intended 'victims.'

  6. Voting Female - That is crazy and like I say here - a sign of success. These crazy leftists aim to distract you as much as possible!