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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Journolistas' New Day Now Seems So Far Away and Long Ago

Ezra Klein, proprietor of the Journolist, the day after Election Day, 2008:
There was hardly a specter lurking in the American subconscious that [Barack Hussein Obama] did not call forth.

And that was his great strength. He robbed fear of its ability to work through quiet insinuation. He forced America to confront its own subconscious....

Indeed, the election results suggest something striking: America has forgotten. September 11 has not disappeared from our memory, of course, but we have recovered from the blow. We have forgotten how it felt to be afraid, and so, yesterday, we forgot to vote our fears. And in doing, we have elected a black president with a Muslim name. Fear again proved but a temporary detour from our history's long arc toward justice.

At that moment in time, it was their new day.

The brat pack bloggers and their fellow masters of the Journolistic universe who helped pull off the greatest electoral coup d'etat ever, putting a mirage in the White House.

That new day now must seem so far away, and so long ago. Bummer.

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  1. They're trying oh so hard to resurrect their glory days . . . sort of like Al Bundy relating his high school football stories to thin air. Because everyone has left the room.

  2. "The brat pack bloggers and their fellow masters of the Journolistic universe who helped pull off the greatest electoral coup d'etat ever, putting a mirage in the White House."

    I still have the unanswered question: is this type of collusion by reporters illegal? That there is evidence that these "journalists" intentionally worked together to coordinate a message to "pull off the greatest electoral coup d'etat" has to have consequences beyond that their reputations as "objective journalists" is exposed. That happened a LOOOOONG time ago. The Media Malpractice documentary showed it vividly - but now there is evidence. Just what can be done to these colluding hacks? Is it not criminal?

  3. Another train wreck that began with a plan to lie, cheat and steal one's way to virtue. Being sometimes honest and a little bit pregnant just doesn't seem to work.

  4. It may not be illegal, but it is certainly unethical. As disgusting as this whole affair is, it confirms what I have known since the Vietnam War. The press is not objective. In fact, they are anti-America. As with this administration and the Democrats in general, they believe that America has an unfair advantage and should be exceptional only "in the same way Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism".

    Now that I think on it a little, isn't the collusion by journalists in this matter a form of treason?

  5. Tucker Carlson showed us the evidence: Zeigler showed us the results.

    The picture that comes forth should not be comforting to any of us. We see a journalistic class acting deliberately out of malice and conspiring against the best interests of this country, combined with an American electorate largely bereft of any knowledge or discernment on these matters - and acting out of sheer ignorance.

    JournoList's malpractice brought as a result that idiot at a campaign stop who believed Obama would pay her mortgage and her gas. The Something For Nothing Society was in full swing, while the National Guilt Trip (as in, Vote for Obama Or You're A Racist!), courtesy of the JournoListic class, reached its apogee that day in November, not in small part due to John McCain's unwillingness to take a stand - and his aides' hands-tying of Sarah Palin, the only person in the whole campaign to tell it like it is.

    Many of us say we're going to "Take America Back" in 2010 and 2012. I call bulls*** on that. What we have before us is not the Great American Take-back, but the Great American Everest: this is a very steep mountain that must be climbed and conquered. Two elections won't be enough to undo the damage: there is (I'm afraid) much more work to be done.

    So... Let's Roll!

  6. Very well said, Newton...especially the last part about "taking America back." It just won't be that easy to wipe away the damage that Obama has done. America is not a glossy "white board," whose surface can be cleaned by one election or two of recalls or repeals. Obama has been able to do the work that dems have long envisioned - tearing it apart will be a lot more difficult then it was puting it into place.

  7. Reading these journolist excerpts reads like a DKos or DU comment thread.