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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Journolista Wonders: "Was It All For Nothing?"

Chris Muir takes note:

Worry not, Dear Journolistas,

You still have your youthful snark, irrelevant wit, what the f@#k kick ass attitudes, and epistemic closures;

and you still can suckle at the informational bosom of Mother Media Matters, and call it journalism.

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  1. Skittles and a juice box for the kiddies? OMG! Hilarious!!

  2. Have we ever figured out why the Journlist members aren't in jail yet?

    Had this Clip been pushed, I doubt if Obama would be president today.


  3. LOL

    You've arrived in the right-o-sphere when you've made Day by Day.

  4. I am amazed that modern, tech savvy media types still don't understand the world of email, facebook, tweeter - whatever. If you write it to cyberspace there is a record somewhere. They were "outed", kinda like Prince Charles and his infamous comments regarding Camille. I may be in my senior years but I know you don't commit controversial comments to the benevolent nature of 400 plus co-conspirators. Cheers.

  5. Way too funny! I've always felt that most of what I read in the MSM was worth skittles and now I see the market analysis confirmed. Thanks so much. I wonder...could we get the politicians to finally vote yea or nay, versus 'present', if we paid them what they're worth?

  6. Well, it wasn't for nothing. It confirmed the right's accusations about the reactionary leftist "journalists" as ruling class hacks passing off talking points and coordination to control the narrative.

  7. LOL! And congrats! I'm still not done enjoying the reports of "real journalists" anguishing over the damage done to the profession's reputation by all those Journolista juveniles. What "profession" would that be again? (Oooh, it burns them when we are equally contemptuous of them!)

  8. Skittles and a juice box - so they're selling out to Ace?