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Saturday, July 10, 2010

New - Video of the Day

I've started posting a Video of the Day in the sidebar.

Would appreciate input on:
  1. Do you find this to be a good feature?
  2. Does it slow down the site?
  3. Send suggested entries! (contact -at- legalinsurrection -dot- com)
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  1. To answer your questions, it loaded quite quickly for me and I like the feature.

  2. I like the feature and did not experience any delay or trouble loading. However, it is a bit small - tough to read and to watch the details...... Great idea and great addition!

  3. I like the VOTD! Are you going to post an archive of them somewhere in case we miss one?

    For some reason your site does stutter occasionally on my computer, but I don't think it's from the video. It's probably because I have Photoshop and about 6,000 other programs open simultaneously to keep my attention span sated. :)

  4. Here's a suggestion.   Just saw that 'Legal Insurrection' got a mention in 'Steve Green's: Week in Blogs'  (Link takes you to pjtv.com; registration or sign in may be required, unfortunately).   LI is #2 in the countdown so you have to watch this vid to the end!

  5. I like the video of the day feature.

    Note to those concerned about "small" format - click on the You Tube icon lower right, and it will switch to the You Tube site - besides a larger view size, you can select "full screen".

  6. Great addition to your excellent site. Please retain it.

  7. I think it is a good addition and would check it out.

  8. No noticeable degradation in site speed. Might be useful to include a caption with a brief description of the video.

  9. I second the comment of Lilac Sunday. A brief caption (teaser?) will help me decide if it worth my time.