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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Harry Reid Will Push Agenda In Lame-Duck Session Even If He Loses

There is no better example of the hubris of Harry Reid than his stated intention last weekend at the Netroots convention to push through major agenda items in a lame-duck session (after the November 2 elections, but before the new Congress is seated in January).

Listen carefully to the opening dialogue in this video:

So, even if Harry Reid loses to Sharron Angle, and even if the Democrats lose control of the Senate (unlikely) or are in a severely weakend position (likely) as a result of the elections, Harry Reid will push forward.

This is similar to the threat Democrats made in the wake of the Scott Brown election, where they threatened to push a health care vote before Brown was seated.

Vote him out, and call his bluff.

Update:  The latest Rasmussen poll has Angle down 2 points to Reid, 45-43.  While some conservatives unfortunately are projecting doom and gloom, I am impressed with the fact that Angle is only down 2 points after a terrible first six weeks of the campaign, and that 48% of people still have a "very unfavorable" view of Reid.

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  1. She's only down 2 with all of those "extreme" ideas ???

    Please ... a couple of weeks of "get to know Sharon" ads and one debate will destroy that false meme ...

    Come October we'll be looking back at these polls and chuckling ...

  2. Dirty Harry Reid has his agenda, and his marching orders from the Left. I dread this December - a repeat of last year's health care middle-of-the-night, no vaca until "it" passes....

    What will "it" be: immigration "reform", cap-and-tax (or a form of it - perhaps nationalizing the oil and coal industries), takeover of the MSM (e.g. bail out the newspapers, Net Neutrality, limit talk radio)? All of the above? That is the question.

  3. I agree that it's impressive that Reid is only up by two given the amount of money he has poured into attacking Angle. Her campaign has been absolutely terrible, but what do you expect when you win a primary from your kitchen table. It remains to be seen if her campaign can begin to respond effectively. It's telling that Reid cannot get above the Mid-40's, so it's hers to lose at this point.

  4. Hopefully Reid won't be around in the next congress. Vote him out......

  5. "Harry Reid now leads in the Rasmussen poll, 45 percent to 43 percent."

    She's right-wing nuttier than a jar of planters, even for Nevada.

    Crazy came to play but crazy doesn't pay.

    "An Absolutely Abysmal Poll for Sharron Angle"


  6. WY Senator John Barrasso was on the Dennis Miller Radio show today. He compared the Dems to kamikaze who are intent on pushing through their entire agenda even if it means they are defeated in November.

    He is convinced the lame duck session will be filled with whatever votes Reid and Pelosi wish to run through. Desperate people with nothing to lose are very dangerous to the rest of us.